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  1. A Hamid MS, Mohamed Ali MR, Yusof A, George J
    PMID: 22866670 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-13-138
    Muscle injuries are one of the commonest injuries affecting athletes. It often leads to significant pain and disability causing loss of training and competition time. With current treatment, the duration to return-to-play ranges form six weeks to never, depending on injury severity. Recent researches have suggested that autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection into the injured site may hasten soft tissues healing. To-date, there has been no randomised clinical trials to evaluate the effects of PRP on muscle healing. The aim of this study is to examine the effects of autologous PRP on duration to return-to-play after muscle injury.
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  2. A Hamid MS, Mohamed Ali MR, Yusof A, George J, Lee LP
    Am J Sports Med, 2014 Oct;42(10):2410-8.
    PMID: 25073598 DOI: 10.1177/0363546514541540
    BACKGROUND: A hamstring injury is one of the most common types of injury affecting athletes. Despite this, the optimal management of hamstring muscle injuries is not yet defined. The effect of autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy on the recovery of hamstring injuries is unclear.
    PURPOSE: To investigate the effect of a single PRP injection in the treatment of grade 2 hamstring muscle injuries.
    STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial; Level of evidence, 2.
    METHODS: Twenty-eight patients diagnosed with an acute hamstring injury were randomly allocated to autologous PRP therapy combined with a rehabilitation program or a rehabilitation program only. The primary outcome of this study was time to return to play. In addition, changes in pain severity and pain interference scores over time were examined.
    RESULTS: Patients in the PRP group achieved full recovery significantly earlier than controls (P = .02). The mean time to return to play was 26.7 ± 7.0 days and 42.5 ± 20.6 days for the PRP and control groups, respectively (t(22) = 2.50, P = .02). [corrected]. Significantly lower pain severity scores were observed in the PRP group throughout the study. However, no significant difference in the pain interference score was found between the 2 groups.
    CONCLUSION: A single autologous PRP injection combined with a rehabilitation program was significantly more effective in treating hamstring injuries than a rehabilitation program alone.
    KEYWORDS: management; muscle injury; platelet-rich plasma (PRP); return to play
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  3. Aan GJ, Zainudin MS, Karim NA, Ngah WZ
    Clinics (Sao Paulo), 2013 May;68(5):599-604.
    PMID: 23778402 DOI: 10.6061/clinics/2013(05)04
    This study was performed to determine the effect of the tocotrienol-rich fraction on the lifespan and oxidative status of C. elegans under oxidative stress.
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  4. Aazami S, Mozafari M, Shamsuddin K, Akmal S
    Ind Health, 2016;54(1):50-7.
    PMID: 26423332 DOI: 10.2486/indhealth.2015-0086
    This study aimed at assessing effect of the four dimensions of work-family conflicts (strain and time-based work interference into family and family interference into work) on sleep disturbance in Malaysian working women. This cross-sectional study was conducted among 325 Malaysian married working women. Multiple-stage simple random sampling method was used to recruit women from public service departments of Malaysia. Self-administrated questionnaires were used to measure the study variables and data were analyzed using SPSS version 21. We found that high level of the four dimensions of work-family conflicts significantly increase sleep disturbance. Our analyses also revealed an age-dependent effect of the work-family conflict on sleep disturbance. Women in their 20 to 30 yr old suffer from sleep disturbance due to high level of time-based and strain-based work-interference into family. However, the quality of sleep among women aged 30-39 were affected by strain-based family-interference into work. Finally, women older than 40 yr had significantly disturbed sleep due to strain-based work-interference into family as well as time-based family interference into work. Our findings showed that sleep quality of working women might be disturbed by experiencing high level of work-family conflict. However, the effects of inter-role conflicts on sleep varied among different age groups.
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  5. Ab-Murat N, Sheiham A, Watt R, Tsakos G
    BMC Oral Health, 2015 Mar 13;15:36.
    PMID: 25887142 DOI: 10.1186/s12903-015-0015-9
    The traditional measure for assessing dental treatment needs and workforce requirements based solely on normative need (NN) has major shortcomings. The sociodental approach (SDA) to assess needs overcomes some of the shortcomings as it combines normative and subjective needs assessments and also incorporates behavioural propensity (Sheiham and Tsakos 2007). The objective of this study was to estimate and compare prosthodontic treatment needs and workforce requirements, using the normative and the sociodental approaches for different skill mix models.
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  6. Abbas AA, Merican AM, Kwan MK, Mohamad JA
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2006 Feb;61 Suppl A:83-7.
    PMID: 17042237
    Total knee arthroplasty is the most preferred option for treatment of severe osteoarthritis of the knee. We report the short-term outcome of 48 total knee replacements in 31 patients utilizing the Apollo Total Knee System after an average follow-up of 48 months (range 15 to 70 months). Records of all patients who underwent TKA using Apollo Total Knee System were retrospectively reviewed. Functional outcome was evaluated using visual analogue scale for pain rating and the Oxford 12-item questionnaire. Postoperative radiographs of the replaced knees were assessed by using the Knee Society Total Knee Arthroplasty Roentgenographic Evaluation and Scoring System. Degenerative osteoarthritis was the commonest indication for TKA. The average patient's age was 63.7 years (range, 30-77 years). The mean visual analogue scale for pre- and post-operative pain was eight and zero respectively. The mean Oxford 12-item questionnaire score pre- and post-operatively was 44.8 and 16.5 respectively. Patient satisfaction was notable in 98% of the cases with an average improvement in arc of flexion of 111 degrees. There were four failures; deep infection (one) and aseptic loosening (three) giving rise to a 94% implant survivor. The short-term results of this series is comparable with or better than a number of outcome studies of the Apollo Knee System or other implants of similar design.
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  7. Abd Aziz N, Chue MC, Yong CY, Hassan Y, Awaisu A, Hassan J, et al.
    Int J Clin Pharm, 2011 Apr;33(2):150-4.
    PMID: 21744187 DOI: 10.1007/s11096-011-9480-7
    OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficacy of dexmedetomidine versus morphine as a sedative/analgesic among post-operative cardiac surgery patients.

    METHOD: A randomized controlled open-label study was performed at the cardiothoracic intensive care unit of Penang Hospital, Malaysia. A total of 28 patients who underwent cardiac surgeries were randomly assigned to receive either dexmedetomidine or morphine. Both groups were similar in terms of preoperative baseline characteristics. Efficacy measures included sedation scores and pain intensity and requirements for additional sedative/analgesic. Mean heart rate and arterial blood pressure were used as safety measures. Other measures were additional inotropes, extubation time and other concurrent medications.

    RESULTS: The mean dose of dexmedetomidine infused was 0.12 [SD 0.03] μg kg⁻¹ h⁻¹, while that of morphine was 13.2 [SD 5.84] μg kg⁻¹ h⁻¹. Dexmedetomidine group showed more benefits in sedation and pain levels, additional sedative/analgesic requirements, and extubation time. No significant differences between the two groups for the outcome measures, except heart rate, which was significantly lower in the dexmedetomidine group.

    CONCLUSION: This preliminary study suggests that dexmedetomidine was at least comparable to morphine in terms of efficacy and safety among cardiac surgery patients. Further studies with larger samples are recommended in order to determine the significant effects of the outcome measures.

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  8. Abd Ghani MK, Bali RK, Naguib RN, Marshall IM, Nilmini S. Wickramasinghe
    Int J Electron Healthc, 2008;4(1):78-104.
    PMID: 18583297
    An integrated Lifetime Health Record (LHR) is fundamental for achieving seamless and continuous access to patient medical information and for the continuum of care. However, the aim has not yet been fully realised. The efforts are actively progressing around the globe. Every stage of the development of the LHR initiatives had presented peculiar challenges. The best lessons in life are those of someone else's experiences. This paper presents an overview of the development approaches undertaken by four East Asian countries in implementing a national Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the public health system. The major challenges elicited from the review including integration efforts, process reengineering, funding, people, and law and regulation will be presented, compared, discussed and used as lessons learned for the further development of the Malaysian integrated LHR.
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  9. Abd Hamid IJ, Slatter MA, McKendrick F, Pearce MS, Gennery AR
    Blood, 2017 04 13;129(15):2198-2201.
    PMID: 28209722 DOI: 10.1182/blood-2016-11-748616
    Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) cures the T-lymphocyte, B-lymphocyte, and natural killer (NK)-cell differentiation defect in interleukin-2 γ-chain receptor (IL2RG)/JAK3 severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). We evaluated long-term clinical features, longitudinal immunoreconstitution, donor chimerism, and quality of life (QoL) of IL2RG/JAK3 SCID patients >2 years post-HSCT at our center. Clinical data were collated and patients/families answered PedsQL Generic Core Scale v4.0 questionnaires. We performed longitudinal analyses of CD3+, CD4+ naive T-lymphocyte, CD19+, and NK-cell numbers from pretransplant until 15 years posttransplant. Thirty-one of 43 patients (72%) survived. Median age at last follow-up was 10 years (range, 2-25 years). Twenty-one (68%) had persistent medical issues, mainly ongoing immunoglobulin replacement (14; 45%), cutaneous viral warts (7; 24%), short stature (4; 14%), limb lymphoedema (3; 10%), and bronchiectasis (2; 7%). Lung function was available and normal for 6 patients. Longitudinal analysis demonstrated sustained CD3+, CD19+, and NK-cell output 15 years post-HSCT. CD4+ naive lymphocyte numbers were better in conditioned vs unconditioned recipients (P, .06). B-lymphocyte and myeloid chimerism were highly correlated (ρ, 0.98; P < .001). Low-toxicity myeloablative conditioning recipients have better B-lymphocyte/myeloid chimerism and are free from immunoglobulin replacement therapy. IL2RG/JAK3 SCID survivors free from immunoglobulin replacement have normal QoL.
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  10. Abd Hamid IJ, Slatter MA, McKendrick F, Pearce MS, Gennery AR
    J. Clin. Immunol., 2018 08;38(6):727-732.
    PMID: 30105620 DOI: 10.1007/s10875-018-0540-9
    Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is curative for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), but data on long-term impact of pre-HSCT chemotherapy, immune reconstitution and quality of life (QoL) of specific SCID genotypes are limited. We evaluated the long-term immune-reconstitution, health outcome and QoL in IL7Rα SCID, Artemis and RAG1 and 2 SCID survivors > 2 years post-HSCT in our center. Clinical data and immune reconstitution parameters were collated, and patients/families answered PedsQL generic core scale v4.0 questionnaires. Thirty-nine patients with a diagnosis of IL7Rα SCID (17 patients), Artemis SCID (8 patients) and RAG1/2 SCID (13 patients) had undergone HSCT with median age at last follow up for IL7Rα SCID, 14 years (range 4-27) and Artemis and RAG1/2 SCID, 10 years (range 2-18). Many patients have ongoing medical issues at latest follow-up [IL7Rα (73%), Artemis (85%), RAG1/2 (55%)]. Artemis SCID patients experienced more sequela than RAG1/2 SCID. Conditioned recipients with Artemis and RAG SCID had more CD4+ naïve lymphocytes compared to unconditioned recipients. All patients except those of IL7Rα SCID reported lower QoL; further subset group analysis showed parents and Artemis and RAG1/2 survivors without ongoing medical issues reported normal QoL. Conditioned recipients have superior long-term thymopoiesis, chimerism and immunoglobulin-independence. QoL was normal in those who did not have medical issues at long-term follow-up.
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  11. Abdelatti ZAS, Hartbauer M
    Hear. Res., 2017 11;355:70-80.
    PMID: 28974384 DOI: 10.1016/j.heares.2017.09.011
    In forest clearings of the Malaysian rainforest, chirping and trilling Mecopoda species often live in sympatry. We investigated whether a phenomenon known as stochastic resonance (SR) improved the ability of individuals to detect a low-frequent signal component typical of chirps when members of the heterospecific trilling species were simultaneously active. This phenomenon may explain the fact that the chirping species upholds entrainment to the conspecific song in the presence of the trill. Therefore, we evaluated the response probability of an ascending auditory neuron (TN-1) in individuals of the chirping Mecopoda species to triple-pulsed 2, 8 and 20 kHz signals that were broadcast 1 dB below the hearing threshold while increasing the intensity of either white noise or a typical triller song. Our results demonstrate the existence of SR over a rather broad range of signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) of input signals when periodic 2 kHz and 20 kHz signals were presented at the same time as white noise. Using the chirp-specific 2 kHz signal as a stimulus, the maximum TN-1 response probability frequently exceeded the 50% threshold if the trill was broadcast simultaneously. Playback of an 8 kHz signal, a common frequency band component of the trill, yielded a similar result. Nevertheless, using the trill as a masker, the signal-related TN-1 spiking probability was rather variable. The variability on an individual level resulted from correlations between the phase relationship of the signal and syllables of the trill. For the first time, these results demonstrate the existence of SR in acoustically-communicating insects and suggest that the calling song of heterospecifics may facilitate the detection of a subthreshold signal component in certain situations. The results of the simulation of sound propagation in a computer model suggest a wide range of sender-receiver distances in which the triller can help to improve the detection of subthreshold signals in the chirping species.
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  12. Abdul Habib NS, Yunus R, Rashid U, Taufiq-Yap YH, Abidin ZZ, Syam AM, et al.
    J Oleo Sci, 2014;63(5):497-506.
    PMID: 24717547
    The use of vegetable oil-based ester as a base fluid in synthetic drilling fluid has become a trend in drilling operations due to its environmental advantages. The transesterification reaction of palm oil methyl ester (POME) with 2-ethylhexanol (2EH) produced 98% of palm oil-based ethylhexyl ester in less than 30 minutes. Since the transesterification reaction of POME with 2EH is a reversible reaction, its kinetics was studied in the presence of excess EH and under vacuum. The POME-to-EH molar ratio and vacuum pressure were held constant at 1:2 and 1.5 mbar respectively and the effects of temperature (70 to 110°C) were investigated. Using excess of EH and continual withdrawal of methanol via vacuum promoted the reaction to complete in less than 10 minutes. The rate constant of the reaction (k) obtained from the kinetics study was in the range of 0.44 to 0.66 s⁻¹ and the activation energy was 15.6 kJ.mol⁻¹. The preliminary investigations on the lubrication properties of drilling mud formulated with palm oil-based 2EH ester indicated that the base oil has a great potential to substitute the synthetic ester-based oil for drilling fluid. Its high kinematic viscosity provides better lubrication to the drilling fluid compared to other ester-based oils. The pour point (-15°C) and flash point (204°C) values are superior for the drilling fluid formulation. The plastic viscosity, HPHT filtrate loss and emulsion stability of the drilling fluid had given acceptable values, while gel strength and yield point could be improved by blending it with proper additives.
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  13. Abdul Hadi A, Naing NN, Daud A, Nordin R, Sulong MR
    PMID: 20578472
    The teaching profession is an occupation at high risk for stress. This research attempted to determine the prevalence of stress and the associated factors contributing to stress among teachers in Malaysia. A cross-sectional study was conducted on 580 secondary school teachers in Kota Bharu District. The instrument used to carry out the study was adopted and modified from the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS 21) and Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ). The questionnaire consisted of two parts: Part I consisting non-job factors (socio-demographic characteristics) and Part II consisting of psychosocial factors contributing to stress. Simple and multiple linear regression analysis were carried out. The prevalence of stress was reported as 34.0%. Seventeen point four percent of teachers experienced mild stress. Age, duration of work and psychological job demands were significantly associated with stress level. This study indicates job-related factors did not contribute much to stress among secondary school teachers. Non-job-related factors should be further studied to determine methods for stress reduction in teachers in Malaysia.
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  14. Abdul Nasir NA, Agarwal R, Sheikh Abdul Kadir SH, Vasudevan S, Tripathy M, Iezhitsa I, et al.
    PLoS ONE, 2017;12(3):e0174542.
    PMID: 28350848 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0174542
    Cataract, a leading cause of blindness, is of special concern in diabetics as it occurs at earlier onset. Polyol accumulation and increased oxidative-nitrosative stress in cataractogenesis are associated with NFκB activation, iNOS expression, ATP depletion, loss of ATPase functions, calpain activation and proteolysis of soluble to insoluble proteins. Tocotrienol was previously shown to reduce lens oxidative stress and inhibit cataractogenesis in galactose-fed rats. In current study, we investigated anticataract effects of topical tocotrienol and possible mechanisms involved in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced in Sprague Dawley rats by intraperitoneal injection of streptozotocin. Diabetic rats were treated with vehicle (DV) or tocotrienol (DT). A third group consists of normal, non-diabetic rats were treated with vehicle (NV). All treatments were given topically, bilaterally, twice daily for 8 weeks with weekly slit lamp monitoring. Subsequently, rats were euthanized and lenses were subjected to estimation of polyol accumulation, oxidative-nitrosative stress, NFκB activation, iNOS expression, ATP levels, ATPase activities, calpain activity and total protein levels. Cataract progression was delayed from the fifth week onwards in DT with lower mean of cataract stages compared to DV group (p<0.01) despite persistent hyperglycemia. Reduced cataractogenesis in DT group was accompanied with lower aldose reductase activity and sorbitol level compared to DV group (p<0.01). DT group also showed reduced NFκB activation, lower iNOS expression and reduced oxidative-nitrosative stress compared to DV group. Lenticular ATP and ATPase and calpain 2 activities in DT group were restored to normal. Consequently, soluble to insoluble protein ratio in DT group was higher compared to DV (p<0.05). In conclusion, preventive effect of topical tocotrienol on development of cataract in STZ-induced diabetic rats could be attributed to reduced lens aldose reductase activity, polyol levels and oxidative-nitrosative stress. These effects of tocotrienol invlove reduced NFκB activation, lower iNOS expression, restoration of ATP level, ATPase activities, calpain activity and lens protein levels.
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  15. Abdul Rahim FS, Mohamed AM, Marizan Nor M, Saub R
    Acta Odontol. Scand., 2014 Nov;72(8):999-1004.
    PMID: 25029211 DOI: 10.3109/00016357.2014.936036
    The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to assess the legal representatives' perceptions on dental care access of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) compared to their non-DS siblings in Peninsular Malaysia.
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  16. Abdul Rahman M, Anuar Karsani S, Othman I, Shafinaz Abdul Rahman P, Haji Hashim O
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 2002 Jul 26;295(4):1007-13.
    PMID: 12127996
    Our group has previously reported the isolation, partial characterisation, and application of a Galbeta1-3GalNAc- and IgA1-reactive lectin from the seeds of champedak (Artocarpus integer). In the present study, we have subjected the purified lectin to reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography and sequenced its subunits. Determination of the N-terminal sequence of the first 47 residues of the large subunit demonstrated at least 95% homology to the N-terminal sequence of the alpha chains of a few other galactose-binding Artocarpus lectins. The two smaller subunits of the lectin, each comprised of 21 amino acid residues, demonstrated minor sequence variability. Their sequences were generally comparable to the beta chains of the other galactose-binding Artocarpus lectins. When used to probe human serum glycopeptides that were separated by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, the lectin demonstrated strong apparent interactions with glycopeptides of IgA1, hemopexin, alpha2-HS glycoprotein, alpha1-antichymotrypsin, and a few unknown glycoproteins. Immobilisation of the lectin to Sepharose generated an affinity column that may be used to isolate the O-glycosylated serum glycoproteins.
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  17. Abdul Razak F, Jensen HJ
    PLoS ONE, 2014;9(6):e99462.
    PMID: 24955766 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099462
    'Causal' direction is of great importance when dealing with complex systems. Often big volumes of data in the form of time series are available and it is important to develop methods that can inform about possible causal connections between the different observables. Here we investigate the ability of the Transfer Entropy measure to identify causal relations embedded in emergent coherent correlations. We do this by firstly applying Transfer Entropy to an amended Ising model. In addition we use a simple Random Transition model to test the reliability of Transfer Entropy as a measure of 'causal' direction in the presence of stochastic fluctuations. In particular we systematically study the effect of the finite size of data sets.
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  18. Abdul Wahab S, Hassan A, Latif MT, Vadiveel Y, Jeyabalan T, Soo CI, et al.
    Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev., 2019 07 01;20(7):1959-1965.
    PMID: 31350951 DOI: 10.31557/APJCP.2019.20.7.1959
    Objective: Epidemiological studies have reported the close relationship between risk for lung cancers and air pollution
    in particular, for non-smoking related lung cancers. However, most studies used residential address as proxies which may
    not estimate accurately an individual’s air pollution exposure. Therefore, the aim of this study was to identify risk factors
    such as occupation and mode of transportation associated with lung cancer diagnosis and death. Methods: Subjects
    with lung cancer (n=514) were evaluated both by chart reviews for clinical data and interviews to determine residential
    address for ten years, main occupation and main mode of transportation. Annual particulate matter with diameter size
    less than 2.5 micrometre (PM2.5) concentration were calculated based on particulate matter with diameter size less than
    10 micrometre (PM10) data recorded by Malaysian Department of Environment. Logistic regression analysis, cluster
    analysis and the Cox regression analysis were performed to the studied variables. Results: This study concurred with
    previous studies that lung adenocarcinoma were diagnosed in predominantly younger, female non-smokers compared
    to the other types of lung cancers. Lung adenocarcinoma subjects had annual PM2.5 that was almost twice higher than
    squamous cell carcinoma, small cell carcinoma and other histological subtypes (p=0.024). Independent of smoking,
    the κ -means cluster analysis revealed two clusters in which the high risk cluster involves occupation risk with air
    pollution of more than four hours per day, main transportation involving motorcycle and trucks and mean annual PM2.5
    concentration of more than 30 based on residential address for more than ten years. The increased risk for the high-risk
    cluster was more than five times for the diagnosis of lung adenocarcinoma (OR=5.69, 95% CI=3.14-7.21, p<0.001).
    The hazard ratio for the high-risk cluster was 3.89 (95% CI=2.12-4.56, p=0.02) for lung adenocarcinoma mortality at
    1 year. Conclusion: High-risk cluster including PM2.5, occupation risk and mode of transportation as surrogates for
    air-pollution exposure was identified and highly associated with lung adenocarcinoma diagnosis and 1-year mortality.
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  19. Abdull Razis AF, Ismail EN, Hambali Z, Abdullah MN, Ali AM, Mohd Lila MA
    Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol., 2008 Mar;144(3):249-61.
    PMID: 18556814
    Recombinant human epidermal growth factor (EGF) was successfully expressed as a fusion protein in Escherichia coli system. This system was used OmpA signal sequence to produce soluble protein into the periplasm of E. coli. Human EGF (hEGF) synthesized in bacterial cell was found to be similar in size with the original protein and molecular weight approximately at 6.8 kDa. Cell proliferation assay was conducted to characterize the biological activity of hEGF on human dermal fibroblasts. The synthesized hEGF was found to be functional as compared with authentic hEGF in stimulating cell proliferation and promoting growth of cell. In comparison of biological activity between synthesized and commercial hEGF on cell proliferation, the results showed there was no significant different. This finding indicates the synthesized hEGF in E. coli system is fully bioactive in vitro.
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  20. Abdulla MA, Fard AA, Sabaratnam V, Wong KH, Kuppusamy UR, Abdullah N, et al.
    Int J Med Mushrooms, 2011;13(1):33-9.
    PMID: 22135902
    This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of topical application of aqueous extract of Hericium erinaceus fruiting bodies (HEFB) on the rate of wound healing enclosure and histology of the healed wound. Five groups of male Sprague-Dawley rats were experimentally wounded in the posterior neck area. A uniform wound area of 2.00 cm in diameter, using a circular stamp, was excised from the nape of the dorsal neck of all rats with the aid of a round seal. The animal groups were topically treated, respectively, with 0.2 mL each of sterilized distilled water (sdH2O); Intrasite gel; and 20, 30, and 40 mg/mL HEFB. Macroscopically, those rats whose wounds were dressed with HEFB and those in the Intrasite gel-treated group healed earlier than those treated with sdH2O. Histological analysis of healed wounds dressed with HEFB showed less scar width at wound enclosure and the healed wound contained fewer macrophages and more collagen with angiogenesis, compared to wounds dressed with sdH2O. In conclusion, wounds dressed with HEFB significantly enhanced the acceleration of wound healing enclosure in rats.
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