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  1. Sanaz A, Syaqirah A, Khadijah S
    Malays J Med Sci, 2014 Jan;21(1):50-7.
    PMID: 24639612 MyJurnal
    Work-family conflict has received increasing attention in recent decades in the area of workplace stressors, which can affect employees' health. However, the dimensionality of the work-family conflict construct among the Malay-speaking population has not been clarified. In order to do so, it is crucial to use an instrument that is appropriate and valid for the Malay-speaking population. As such, the goal of this study was to validate and test the dimensionality of the Malay version of the Work-Family Conflict Questionnaire.
  2. Isabel BE, Rogelio HP
    Malays J Med Sci, 2014 Jan;21(1):4-10.
    PMID: 24639606
    Cerebral tuberculosis is the most severe type of extrapulmonary disease that is in developing countries highly predominant in children. Meningeal tuberculosis is the most common form and usually begins with respiratory infection followed by early haematogenous dissemination to extrapulmonary sites involving the brain. In comparison with the lung, Mycobacterium tuberculosis induces a very different immune response when infect the central nervous system. Herein, we review several aspects of the pathogenesis and immune response in pulmonary and cerebral tuberculosis in humans and experimental models and discuss the implications of this response in the cerebral infection outcome.
  3. Yong R
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Oct;20(5):1-4.
    PMID: 24643391
    Our objective is to enable the blind to use smartphones with touchscreens to make calls and to send text messages (sms) with ease, speed, and accuracy. We believe that with our proposed platform, which enables the blind to locate the position of the keypads, new games and education, and safety applications will be increasingly developed for the blind. This innovative idea can also be implemented on tablets for the blind, allowing them to use information websites such as Wikipedia and newspaper portals.
  4. Ramli A, Henry LJ, Liang YF, Beh JY
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Oct;20(5):54-60.
    PMID: 24643369 MyJurnal
    Physical inactivity and reduced energy expenditure has led to increased obesity among office workers. This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of a worksite health programme aimed at improving physical health among obese civil servants.
  5. Song CH, Chai FY, Saukani MF, Singh H, Jiffre D
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jul;20(4):95-7.
    PMID: 24044004 MyJurnal
    Paratesticular liposarcoma is a rare entity. Compared to other genitourinary sarcoma, it is usually detected earlier and is easily resectable, resulting in an excellent prognosis. The recurrence of well-differentiated paratesticular liposarcoma after complete resection is extremely rare. Optimal management of the tumour recurrence includes complete re-excision and radiotherapy to the area of recurrence. Here, we describe a 48-year-old man with a recurrent left paratesticular well-differentiated liposarcoma, six years after its complete excision. Our discussion focused on the therapeutic strategy to prevent tumour recurrence. It is hoped that this case discussion can increase the awareness of this condition and assist in its management.
  6. Sriram PR
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jul;20(4):91-4.
    PMID: 24044003 MyJurnal
    Chordoid meningioma, classified as atypical meningioma according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) classification, is a rare subtype, which represents only 0.5% of all meningiomas and is associated with a high incidence of recurrence. Multiple intracranial meningiomas are rare in non-neurofibromatosis patients. We present a female patient with both of these rare types of meningioma. The patient presented with two concurrent intracranial meningiomas, with one a meningotheliomatous subtype and the other a chordoid meningioma. Given the wide array of histological differential diagnoses in chordoid meningioma, immunohistochemistry has a significant role to play in differentiating them. Recurrence in chordoid meningioma can be generally predicted based on the extent of resection, the percentage of chordoid element, and proliferation indices.
  7. Lua PL, Wan Putri Elena WD, Mohd Razif S
    Malays J Med Sci, 2012 Oct;19(4):37-49.
    PMID: 23785251 MyJurnal
    BACKGROUND: University students generally tend to engage in problematic eating behaviours, including unhealthy dieting, skipping meals, and high intake of fast food, although they are aware of the negative consequences. Eating behaviours have been shown to be interestingly related to quality of life (QoL). Our study aimed to 1) assess general nutrition quality of life (NQoL) status and 2) compare NQoL status based on gender, financial resources, study courses, year of study, and body mass index (BMI) profiles.
    METHODS: This study was conducted among undergraduates of health sciences in a local public university in Terengganu. Students completed the Malay version of NQoL (6 domains; 50 items; Likert-type responses 1-5). Data analysis was carried out by using SPSS 16.0, utilising descriptive and parametric statistics.
    RESULTS: A total of 241 students were enrolled [age = 19.7 (0.1) years; female (83.0%); Malay (96.7%)]. Social/Interpersonal Factors [3.84 (0.43)] emerged as the best component, while Food Impact [3.10 (0.40)] was the worst. Across all variables, only gender and study courses showed significantly different NQoL. Females scored better than males in Self-Efficacy (confidence in food selection ability) (P < 0.05). Nursing students also experienced significantly greater NQoL (mean = 3.58, 95% CI = 3.47, 3.68) than radiography students in Self-Efficacy (p < 0.05). Medical laboratory technology students had a significantly more favourable NQoL rating (mean = 3.62, 95% CI = 3.47, 3.76) than nursing students in Self-Image (p < 0.05). Study courses significantly influenced the NQoL status of students with Good NQoL, while those with Poor NQoL were mostly influenced by gender and financial resources (p < 0.05).
    CONCLUSION: These outcomes indicate that specific demographic characteristics seemed to make a difference in the NQoL of undergraduate students.
    KEYWORDS: health sciences; nutrition; quality of life; undergraduates
    Study site: public university, Terengganu, Malaysia
    Scales & Questionnaires: Nutrition Quality of Life instrument (NQoL)
  8. Ismail H, Chang YL, Chang SD, Nusee Z
    Malays J Med Sci, 2012 Jul;19(3):69-73.
    PMID: 23785250 MyJurnal
    A 30-years-old Taiwanese female in her second pregnancy spontaneously conceived a monochorionic twin pregnancy. A routine ultrasound at 27 weeks of gestation revealed a selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR) fetus and an appropriate gestational age (AGA) fetus. The AGA fetus was found to have a fetal intra-abdominal umbilical vein (FIUV) varix. Serial ultrasounds showed no changes in the FIUV varix. 2 weeks later, the pregnancy progressed to twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Repeated amnioreductions were required at 29 and 30 weeks gestation. The babies were delivered by caesarean section at 31 weeks due to fetal distress in the sIUGR fetus. Both fetuses survived the neonatal period with problems of prematurity. The FIUV varix disappeared a few days after delivery.
  9. Al-Dubai SA, Alshagga MA, Rampal KG, Sulaiman NA
    Malays J Med Sci, 2012 Jul;19(3):43-9.
    PMID: 23785249 MyJurnal
    The Perceived Stress Scale 10 (PSS-10) is a validated and reliable instrument to measure global levels of perceived stress. This study aims to assess the internal consistency, reliability, and factor structure of the Malay version of the PSS-10 for use among medical students.
  10. George R, Donald PM, Nagraj SK, Idiculla JJ, Hj Ismail R
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jan;20(1):76-80.
    PMID: 23785258 MyJurnal
    Sex determination is the most important step in personal identification in forensic investigations. DNA-based sex determination analysis is comparatively more reliable than the other conventional methods of sex determination analysis. Advanced technology like real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) offers accurate and reproducible results and is at the level of legal acceptance. But still there are situations like chimerism where an individual possess both male and female specific factors together in their body. Sex determination analysis in such cases can give erroneous results. This paper discusses the phenomenon of chimerism and its impact on sex determination analysis in forensic investigations.
  11. Sarriff A, Abdul Razzaq HA
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jan;20(1):69-75.
    PMID: 23785257 MyJurnal
    Muslim consumers have special needs in medical treatment that differ from non-Muslim consumers. In particular, there is a growing demand among Muslim consumers for Halal medications. This descriptive exploratory study aims to determine the Halal status of selected cardiovascular, endocrine, and respiratory medications stored in an out-patient pharmacy in a Malaysian governmental hospital. Sources of active ingredients and excipients for each product were assessed for Halal status based on available information obtained from product leaflets, the Medical Information Management System (MIMS) website, or manufacturers. Halal status was based on the products' sources and categorized into Halal, Mushbooh, or Haram. The proportions of Halal, Mushbooh, and Haram products were at 19.1%, 57.1%, and 23.8%, respectively. The percentage of active ingredients for cardiovascular/endocrine products that were assessed as Haram was 5.3%; for respiratory medications, it was only 1.1%. For excipients, 1.7% and 4.8% fall under the category of Haram for cardiovascular/endocrine products and respiratory products, respectively. Ethanol and magnesium stearate were found to be the common substances that were categorized as Haram and Mushbooh.
  12. Pei Lin L, Zakaria NS
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jan;20(1):60-8.
    PMID: 23785256 MyJurnal
    Accurate medical information is essential among health care professionals to aid dissemination of information to the public. This study aimed to determine the level of knowledge about breast cancer and to identify related factors among undergraduate health sciences students in a public university in Terengganu, Malaysia.
  13. Syazarina Sharis O, Zulkifli MZ, Hamzaini AH
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jan;20(1):56-9.
    PMID: 23785255 MyJurnal
    Acute urinary retention (AUR) is one of the most serious complications of benign prostatic hypertrophy. This study was done to predict the outcome of trial of voiding without catheter (TWOC) in patients with AUR with intravesical prostatic protrusion (IPP) detected on transabdominal ultrasound. Other factors such as prostatic volume and patient's age were also assessed.
  14. Abidin NZ, Adam MB
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jan;20(1):39-45.
    PMID: 23785254 MyJurnal
    Vertical jump is an index representing leg/kick power. The explosive movement of the kick is the key to scoring in martial arts competitions. It is important to determine factors that influence the vertical jump to help athletes improve their leg power. The objective of the present study is to identify anthropometric factors that influence vertical jump height for male and female martial arts athletes.
  15. Jalaluddin WM, Mat Jusoh N, Ali Basahai IA, Abdullah MS, Abdul Karim AH, Gazali AK
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jan;20(1):31-8.
    PMID: 23785253 MyJurnal
    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive method for determining brain morphology and volumetry. Hippocampal volume changes are observed in conjunction with several diseases. This study aimed to determine the normalised volume of the hippocampus in normal Malay children and adolescents.
  16. Al-Maweri SA, Ismail NM, Ismail AR, Al-Ghashm A
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jul;20(4):39-46.
    PMID: 24043995 MyJurnal
    Diabetes mellitus is associated with a greater likelihood of developing certain oral mucosal disorders. This study was aimed at assessing the prevalence of oral mucosal lesions (OMLs) in patients with type 2 diabetes (DM2) and to investigate the association of such lesions with metabolic control of the disease.
  17. Embong MF, Yaacob R, Abdullah MS, Abdul Karim AH, Ghazali AK, Jalaluddin WM
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jul;20(4):25-31.
    PMID: 24043993 MyJurnal
    Hippocampal volume is affected by several psychiatric illnesses of old age, as well as by normal aging. It is important to have a normal data in a population to assist in diagnosis. The aim of this study is to determine hippocampal volume in normal Malay people aged 50 years old and older.
  18. Ghazli NF, Abdullah JM
    Malays J Med Sci, 2013 Jul;20(4):1-4.
    PMID: 24043990
    The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences has in its 25 years "Silver Jubilee" achieved another milestone of being visible to the biomedical community when it was accepted in PubMed. The journal aim to increase its readership so as to increase impact in the biomedical field amongst its Asian readers despite having a high rejection rate. This was done to maintain quality of the manuscripts published over the years. PubMed listing should enable more manuscripts to be cited as its the leading biomedical journal for the Asian community.
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