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  1. Chua, Jing Lun, Shah Rollah Abdul Wahab
    In the new global economy, workplace safety has become a central issue among companies all over the world.
    It is becoming difficult to ignore that this trend has also been happening in Malaysia especially the manufacturing
    sector. The worrying trend can be seen from the increasing number of workplace accidents reported by Department
    of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Malaysia in manufacturing companies. In recent years, researchers have
    shown an interest in studying the role of safety leadership to reduce workplace accidents. It is found that safety
    leadership plays a significant role in ensuring a safe and sound workplace. Due to this concern, this paper attempts
    to provide a conceptualization of safety leadership from the perspective of Malaysia’s manufacturing sector. It is
    proposed that positive safety leadership lead to a reduction of workplace accidents. In response to this matter, it is
    hypothesized that the higher level of safety leadership will positively affect the lower level of workplace accidents.
    A questionnaire from Wu et al. (2008) will be adopted to explain the conceptualization of safety leadership, where it
    is expected that the concept of safety leadership practised in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector has a similar meaning
    from the perspective of western researchers.
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