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  1. Blejer-Prieto H
    Can Med Assoc J, 1965 Sep 25;93(13):700-4.
    PMID: 5318484
    Coca-leaf habituation has affected millions of Andean natives for over 400 years. In the last half-century it has also involved millions more Malayans. Coca leaf, from which cocaine and extracts for some commercial carbonated soft drinks are obtained, remains relatively unknown by the medical and allied professions elsewhere. A review of the original medical, historical and other pertinent literature of the last 350 years illustrates the origins of the use of coca leaf, its spread, the isolation of cocaine and its first uses, as well as some of the euphoric and other effects of both substances.
  2. Can Med Assoc J, 1970 Dec 5;103(12):1235 passim.
    PMID: 5485788
    Can Med Assoc J, 1963 Oct 12;89:766-9.
    PMID: 14060168
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