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  1. Govindasamy P, Del Carmen Salazar M, Lerner J, Green KE
    Front Psychol, 2019;10:1363.
    PMID: 31258502 DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01363
    This manuscript reports results of an empirical assessment of a newly developed measure designed to assess apprentice teaching proficiency. In this study, Many Facets Rasch model software was used to evaluate the psychometric quality of the Framework for Equitable and Effective Teaching (FEET), a rater-mediated assessment. The analysis focused on examining variability in (1) supervisor severity in ratings, (2) level of item difficulty, (3) time of assessment, and (4) teacher apprentice proficiency. Added validity evidence showed moderate correlation with self-reports of apprentice teaching. The findings showed support for the FEET as yielding reliable ratings with a need for added rater training.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  2. Jawi ZM, Deros BM, Rashid AAA, Isa MHM, Awang A
    Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J, 2017 Aug;17(3):e277-e285.
    PMID: 29062549 DOI: 10.18295/squmj.2017.17.03.004
    This review article aimed to analyse existing literature regarding the roles and performance of professional driving instructors (PDIs) in novice driver education (DE). A systematic classification scheme was adopted to analyse identified articles to determine the study context of PDIs in novice DE, the competency level of PDIs in relation to experienced and learner drivers and the contributions of PDIs to the novice driver learning process. A total of 14 original research articles were identified, with no systematic reviews or meta-analyses available. Overall, all of the articles were found to be inadequate in providing an in-depth understanding of the roles and performance of PDIs in novice DE. There is an urgent need to improve current understanding of the roles of PDIs in novice DE and to work towards an internationally recognised PDI management approach.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel/standards*
  3. Sahoo S
    Int J Appl Basic Med Res, 2016 Jul-Sep;6(3):166-9.
    PMID: 27563580 DOI: 10.4103/2229-516X.186959
    To know the individual's current level of readiness and to manage self-directed learning (SDL) not only help learners but also the instructors. The objectives of this study were to find SDL readiness among 4(th) year medical student and to analyze the effect of weekly assessment of SDL topics.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  4. Haniff MASM, Hafiz SM, Huang NM, Rahman SA, Wahid KAA, Syono MI, et al.
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 2017 May 03;9(17):15192-15201.
    PMID: 28418234 DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b02833
    This paper presents a straightforward plasma treatment modification of graphene with an enhanced piezoresistive effect for the realization of a high-performance pressure sensor. The changes in the graphene in terms of its morphology, structure, chemical composition, and electrical properties after the NH3/Ar plasma treatment were investigated in detail. Through a sufficient plasma treatment condition, our studies demonstrated that plasma-treated graphene sheet exhibits a significant increase in sensitivity by one order of magnitude compared to that of the unmodified graphene sheet. The plasma-doping introduced nitrogen (N) atoms inside the graphene structure and was found to play a significant role in enhancing the pressure sensing performance due to the tunneling behavior from the localized defects. The high sensitivity and good robustness demonstrated by the plasma-treated graphene sensor suggest a promising route for simple, low-cost, and ultrahigh resolution flexible sensors.
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  5. Ridzwan, H., Saifuddin, T.M.
    A substantial percentage of patients will have an inadequate response to
    clozapine in treatment resistance schizophrenia. Therefore, different
    approaches need to be considered for managing this group of patients. We
    present a case of a treatment resistant schizophrenia patient who shows poor
    response toward clozapine. Later, he was started with haloperidol. Even
    though antipsychotic superiority of clozapine in relation to haloperidol is
    significant, this patient demonstrated otherwise.
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  6. Arbiah Maddahiri, Mohd Khairuddin Abdullah @ Jerry, Musirin Mosin, Mohammad Haafiz Ahmid, Hairi Asul
    LINUS is a program implemented by the Ministryof Education Malaysia (MOE) in Primary schools through out Malaysia. LINUS is an acronym for Literacy and Numeracy Screening which aims to increase the level of basic literacy and numeracy Among Level One (Year 1) pupils. The purpose of this studyi stoe xamine the teacher's teaching practices of LINUS-Literacy in Bahasa Malaysia. Based on the Theory of Behaviorism and Theory of Jean Piaget, LINUS teachers need tobe Innovative by utilizing techniques that match the LINUS pupils' ability in order to help The low ability pupils in mastering basic literacy skills. Data collection in this study Includes questionnaire, document analysis and observation; this researchuses Qualitative approach. The results of this study are expected to provide in put to Teachers who are teaching LINUS-Literacy in Bahasa Malaysia.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  7. Rusnani Ab Latif, Akehsan Hj. Dahlan, Zamzaliza Ab Mulud, Mohd Zarawi Mat Nor
    Introduction: The teacher centered approach is a teaching and learning strategy has been practiced
    traditionally for long in the classroom. Through this strategy the teacher plays an important role, while the
    students only act as spectators, the interaction between students and teachers is only one way. In this study, the
    concept mapping notes was added in teaching and learning methods during classroom teaching. Concept
    mapping is one method of teaching that encourages students to becomes independent learner, critical thinking
    and competent in their work.

    Methodology: This study was carried out in Kolej Kejururawatan Kubang Kerian (Kelantan), and Kolej
    Kejururawatan Pulau Pinang. The respondents were selected using simple random sampling. There were 109
    respondents. The respondents were given 40 minutes to develop the concept mapping notes.

    Results: The activity of the students in the teaching is certainly a positive sign towards achieving their
    learning. The example of variety concept maps construct done by the students are highly creative and

    Conclusion: Students should take responsibility for their own learning. However, that is a role of a educator
    to choose the best teaching method to makes the learning become meaningful and effective toward the student
    cognitive structure that will help them to understand the topic those were taught.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  8. Prashanti E, Ramnarayan K
    Adv Physiol Educ, 2020 Dec 01;44(4):550-553.
    PMID: 32880485 DOI: 10.1152/advan.00085.2020
    To foster a milieu in which student learning can be optimum, teachers need to be aware of the attributes of a safe learning environment. This is the space created in the students' minds to seamlessly promote learning. The 10 maxims, presented in this paper, are the cornerstones, nay, the capstones, for making this happen.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  9. Schwartz RA
    Dermatol Ther, 2019 Jun 07.
    PMID: 31172646 DOI: 10.1111/dth.12990
    The tenth edition of this extraordinary dermatologic congress was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the magnificent Kuwait City on April 23-25, 2019, thanks to the patronage of His Excellency, the Honorable Dr. Basel H Al-Sabah, Minister of Health, Kuwait. It was organized and shepherded by the renowned Chairman of the Dermatology Council in Kuwait, Professor Nawaf Al-Mutairi, FRCP Edin This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  10. Abdullah JM
    Malays J Med Sci, 2015 May-Jun;22(3):1-6.
    PMID: 26715890
    16 years have passed since the idea was mooted in 1999 by five neurosurgeons in the corridors of Hotel Perdana, Kota Bharu. They were Dato' Dr Johari Siregar Bin Adnan, Dato' Professor Dr Ahmad Zubaidi Abdul Latif , Dr Azmin Kass Bin Rosman, Dato' Dr Mohammed Saffari Bin Mohammed Haspani and Professor Dato' Dr Jafri Malin Abdullah. They initiated the beginning of the first programme in Neurosurgery in Malaysia. The rest is history.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  11. Khazaei H
    Data Brief, 2019 Dec;27:104644.
    PMID: 31687445 DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2019.104644
    The datasets designated in this article were obtained as a result of 10 months of data collection, carried out between august 2017 and May 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim of study was to evaluate the factors Influencing adoption of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in Malaysia. The data were collected from University Technology Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur campus) and five different companies in Kuala Lumpur. A total of 500 questionnaires were distributed and 322 questionnaires were obtained. After data screening, 312 datasets were analysed. Respondents of the study were postgraduate students, university lecturers and top to low level managers.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  12. Mokhtar b. Abdullah
    Multicollinearity that may exist among explanatory variables in a regression model can make the regression coefficients insignificant and difficult to interpret. Principal component regression (PCR) is an effective way for solving multicollinearity in regression analysis. The existence of multicollinearity mayor may not be induced by the presence of influential observations. This paper discusses some diagnostic methods for identifying influential observations in the PCR. A data set on water quality of New York Rivers was considered to illustrate the methods.
    Multikolinearan yang wujud di kalangan pembolehubah penerang dalam model regresi boleh menyebabkan pekali regresi tidak bererti dan sukar untuk ditafsirkan. Regresi komponen utama (PCR) merupakan cara yang berkesan bagi menyelesaikan masalah multikolinearan dalam analisis regresi. Kewujudan multikolinearan mungkin disebabkan oleh data terpencil yang berpengaruh. Kertas ini membincangkan beberapa kaedah pengecaman bagi mengenalpasti data berpengaruh dalam PCR. Data tentang kualiti air di beberapa batang sungai di New York digunakan untuk memperihalkan kaedah pengecaman yang disarankan.
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  13. Serirama Ebbi, Roslee Bin Talip, Dayang Norizah Ag Kiflee@Dzulkifli
    Kajian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan kekuatan pengaruh kepimpinan pengajaran guru besar, kompetensi profesionalisme guru dan kompetensi peribadi guru terhadap efikasi pengajaran guru bagi guru-guru sekolah rendah di zon Pedalaman, Sabah. Kajian ini melibatkan 361 responden yang terdiri daripada guru-guru sekolah rendah di zon Pedalaman, Sabah. Pemboleh ubah kajian telah diuji dengan menggunakan statistik deskriptif dan inferensi yang melibatkan skor min, sisihan piawai dan regresi berganda. Instrumen yang digunakan dalam kajian adalah soal selidik yang diadaptasi daripada Principal Instructional Management Rating Scale (PIMRS), Standard Guru Malaysia (SGM) dan Teacher Efficacy Scale (TES) bagi mengumpul data daripada 361 responden yang telah melengkapkan borang soal selidik, daripada 54 buah sekolah rendah yang melibatkan tujuh daerah di zon Pedalaman, Sabah. Persampelan secara rawak digunakan dalam pemilihan responden dalam kalangan guru manakala persampelan bertujuan digunakan bagi menentukan bilangan sekolah yang mewakili setiap daerah seperti yang telah ditetapkan. Statistik deskriptif dan inferensi telah digunakan bagi menghuraikan dapatan kajian. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan bahawa tahap kepimpinan pengajaran guru besar (Min = 4.52; SP = 0.313) pada tahap sangat tinggi, kompetensi profesionalisme guru (Min = 4.41; SP = 0.295) juga pada tahap sangat tinggi dan kompetensi peribadi guru (Min = 4.47; SP = 0.366) juga berada pada tahap sangat tinggi manakala efikasi pengajaran guru (Min = 3.96; SP = 0.358) berada pada tahap tinggi. Data inferensi dianalisis menggunakan regresi berganda. Analisis regrasi menunjukkan pengaruh kepimpinan pengajaran guru besar menyumbang 65 peratus, kompetensi profesionalisme guru menyumbang 65.9 peratus dan kompetensi peribadi guru menyumbang 66.5 peratus terhadap efikasi pengajaran guru dan merupakan peramal yang signifikan kepada tahap efikasi pengajaran guru.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  14. Siti Rohaidah Ahmad, Nurhafizah Moziyana Mohd Yusof, Siti Hajar Zainal Rashid, Abdul Ghapor Hussin
    Assessment of instructors by students is needed for assessing the teaching quality of a lecturer towards achieving the objectives of a course. This paper aims to examine the techniques used in sentiment analysis for assessing the effectiveness of a lecturer’s or a teacher’s teaching style in the learning process at a university or school. In addition, the effectiveness of sentiment analysis techniques in assisting the teaching evaluation process is also discussed. The challenges for assessing the quality of teaching of National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM) lecturers are also discussed in this paper. The sentiment analysis technology is capable of analysing views or opinions on a matter, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Data from the sentiment analysis can be used by specific parties or anyone else to rectify any weakness or to improve any aspect that the user commented on. The purpose of this study is not to find the weakness of the lecturer, but rather the results of this assessment process can be useful to the management for rectifying weaknesses and for improving the teaching process.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  15. Dehzangi A, Abdullah AM, Larki F, Hutagalung SD, Saion EB, Hamidon MN, et al.
    Nanoscale Res Lett, 2012;7(1):381.
    PMID: 22781031 DOI: 10.1186/1556-276X-7-381
    The junctionless nanowire transistor is a promising alternative for a new generation of nanotransistors. In this letter the atomic force microscopy nanolithography with two wet etching processes was implemented to fabricate simple structures as double gate and single gate junctionless silicon nanowire transistor on low doped p-type silicon-on-insulator wafer. The etching process was developed and optimized in the present work compared to our previous works. The output, transfer characteristics and drain conductance of both structures were compared. The trend for both devices found to be the same but differences in subthreshold swing, 'on/off' ratio, and threshold voltage were observed. The devices are 'on' state when performing as the pinch off devices. The positive gate voltage shows pinch off effect, while the negative gate voltage was unable to make a significant effect on drain current. The charge transmission in devices is also investigated in simple model according to a junctionless transistor principal.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  16. Nelfianty Mohd Rasyid, Shaharudin Abd Aziz
    The purpose of this study was to identify the preferred coaching styles of the Malaysian Sports School athletes based on gender, age group, and types of sports they had participated. This study utilised the athletes preferred version of the Leadership Scale for Sport questionnaire (LSS). The subjects were the population of two Malaysian Sport School athletes (N = 854; Bukit Jalil Sports School = 409, Bandar Penawar Sports School = 445). The findings demonstrated that Training and Instruction (M = 4:09, SD = 73) was the most preferred leadership style by the athletes, followed by Democratic (M = 3.87, SD = .75), Social Support (M = 3.74, SD = .75) and Positive Feedback (M = 3:59, SD = .82). Autocratic behavior was the least preferred coaching style (M = 2.35, SD = 96). T-test analysis showed that there were significant differences between autocratic leadership style t(852) = 4.63, p
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  17. Hamid, H., Ngu, P.A.H., Alipiah, F.M.
    The issue of classifying objects into groups when measured variables in an experiment are mixed has attracted the attention of statisticians. The Smoothed Location Model (SLM) appears to be a popular classification method to handle data containing both continuous and binary variables simultaneously. However, SLM is infeasible for a large number of binary variables due to the occurrence of numerous empty cells. Therefore, this study aims to construct new SLMs by integrating SLM with two variable extraction techniques, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and two types of Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) in order to reduce the large number of mixed variables, primarily the binary ones. The performance of the newly constructed models, namely the SLM+PCA+Indicator MCA and SLM+PCA+Burt MCA are examined based on misclassification rate. Results from simulation studies for a sample size of n=60 show that the SLM+PCA+Indicator MCA model provides perfect classification when the sizes of binary variables (b) are 5 and 10. For b=20, the SLM+PCA+Indicator MCA model produces misclassification rates of 0.3833, 0.6667 and 0.3221 for n=60, n=120 and n=180, respectively. Meanwhile, the SLM+PCA+Burt MCA model provides a perfect classification when the sizes of the binary variables are 5, 10, 15 and 20 and yields a small misclassification rate as 0.0167 when b=25. Investigations into real dataset demonstrate that both of the newly constructed models yield low misclassification rates with 0.3066 and 0.2336 respectively, in which the SLM+PCA+Burt MCA model performed the best among all the classification methods compared. The findings reveal that the two new models of SLM integrated with two variable extraction techniques can be good alternative methods for classification purposes in handling mixed variable problems, mainly when dealing with large binary variables.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  18. Al-Jaf, Nagham Mohammed Abdullah, Budi Aslinie Md Sabri, Muhamad Faizran Looszen Bin Fadly Loo, Ahmad Aizat Bin Ahmad Shaifuddin
    Compendium of Oral Science, 2017;4(1):28-39.
    Objectives: To evaluate the impact of the clinical instructor communication on dental students’ clinical training in Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Materials and Methods: A sample of 174 undergraduate clinical dental students were recruited to complete the Clinical Education Instructional Quality Questionnaire (ClinEd IQ) which consists of forty-five questions, forty-three multiple choice questions and two open-ended. The multiple-choice questions consist of 3 subscales which were measured on a six-point Likert Scale from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”. The open-ended responses were analysed using thematic analysis. This paper discusses the Subscale of interaction with clinical instructors and the open-ended responses. Results: The responses of 150 students were evaluated. The students rated their interaction with instructors with a mean score of 4.64 on a six -point scale. There was a significant difference between mean scores for each academic level with year five students’ score being highest. There were four areas of concern identified through the open-ended responses. Conclusion: While the quality of supervision in terms of interaction with clinical instructors is considered satisfactory and the students generally reported positive experiences, there is room for improvements especially regarding areas of concern.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  19. Asli MF, Hamzah M, Ibrahim AAA, Ayub E
    Heliyon, 2020 Dec;6(12):e05733.
    PMID: 33426320 DOI: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e05733
    Malaysia and many other developing countries progressively adopting massively open online course (MOOC) in their national higher education approach. We have observed an increasing need for facilitating MOOC monitoring that is associated with the rising adoption of MOOCs. Our observation suggests that recent adoption cases led analyst and instructors to focus on monitoring enrolment and learning activities. Visual analytics in MOOC support education analysts in analyzing MOOC data via interactive visualization. Existing literature on MOOC visualization focuses on enabling visual analysis on MOOC data from forum and course material. We found limited studies that investigate and characterize domain problems or design requirements of visual analytics for MOOC. This paper aims to present the empirical problem characterization and abstraction for visual analytics in MOOC learner's support monitoring. Detailed characterization and abstraction of the domain problem help visualization designer to derive design requirements in generating appropriate visualization solution. We examined the literature and conducted a case study to elicit a problem abstraction based on data, users, and tasks. We interviewed five Malaysian MOOC experts from three higher education institutes using semi-structured questions. Our case study reveals the priority of enabling MOOC analysis on learner's progression and course completion. There is an association between design and analysis priority with the pedagogical type of implemented MOOC and users. The characterized domain problems and requirements offer a design foundation for visual analytics in MOOC monitoring analysis.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
  20. Yim JS, Moses P, Azalea A
    PMID: 30595741 DOI: 10.1186/s41039-018-0081-0
    Perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use constitute important belief factors when technology adoption decisions are made within a non-mandatory setting. This paper investigated the role played by psychological ownership in shaping teachers' beliefs about using a cloud-based virtual learning environment (VLE). Psychological ownership is increasingly becoming a relevant phenomenon in technology adoption research, where people can feel psychologically attached to a particular technology. The study proposed that such phenomenon can also occur when using a VLE, and a hypothesised model with six constructs was tested with 629 Malaysian teachers from 21 schools. Results from structural equation modelling-partial least squares analysis found teachers' experiences with the VLE significantly influenced psychological ownership, which in turn significantly predicted perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use of the VLE. Overall, the model possesses predictive relevance for the outcome predictors as indicated by Stone-Geisser's Q2, and accounted for 61.6% of variance in perceived usefulness and 62.0% of variance in perceived ease of use. This study provides insights into the motivation behind teachers' beliefs which are shaped by their experiences with the VLE. Implications for theory and practice were discussed based on the insights of the study.
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Personnel
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