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Advanced Search allows you to build a complex search query. For a simpler interface, you can use Basic Search.


advanced search form

For every row in the form, there are three columns (except for the first row):

  • Search operator (see below)
  • Search field (see below)
  • Search field condition (see below)
  • Search query (see below)

You can add a row, by clicking on the + button. To build a query, select an operator, then pick a field to search in (eg: Title, abstract) and set its condition (eg: matches). Then, enter you search query for that specific field.

Search Operators

  • OR - Expand your search.
  • NOT - Exclude certain words.
  • AND - To focus your search (implicitly implied).

When adding a row to the form, use this keyword to expand (eg: "abstract OR title") or focus (eg: "abstract NOT title") your search.

Search Fields

  • Use the search fields (the second column) to pick in which property (eg: title, abstract, gender, etc) you search for.

Search Field Conditions

  • matches - Matches a query againsts the selected field.
  • is present - Include publications if this field has value.
  • is absent - Include publications if this field is empty.
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