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  1. Haddon AC
    Nature, 1896;55:128-130.
    DOI: 10.1038/055128a0
    ANTHROPOLOGISTS are again indebted to Mr. Ling Roth for presenting to them, in a convenient form, the results of wide reading and diligent compilation. It is by such well-directed enthusiasm that the labours of the student are materially lightened; for not only has the author, in this instance, marshalled a portentous array of accurately acknowledged quotations, but he has sedulously collected illustrations of objects preserved m numerous museums and private collections, in order to fully illustrate the descriptions that he quotes.
    MeSH terms: Borneo
  2. Clarke JT
    Ind Med Gaz, 1896 Dec;31(12):470.
    PMID: 29002668
    MeSH terms: Rheumatic Diseases*
  3. Highet HC
    Br Med J, 1896 Nov 7;2(1871):1380-1381.
    PMID: 20756574
    MeSH terms: Adult; Case Reports; Eye Diseases; Malaysia/ethnology; Male; Singapore; Syphilis*
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