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    MeSH terms: Malaria
  2. Lancet, 1926;207:248.
    MeSH terms: Humans; Yaws
  3. Samuels W
    Extract: In 1910 I was holding the appointment of Medical Officer and Magistrate at Anguilla in the St. Kits presidency of the Leeward Islands, British West Indies, when the Administrator one day handed me a cable, asking if I would accept the Medical Superintendency of the “Central Lunatic Asylum,” Tanjong Rambutan, Perak, Federated Malay States. Fortunately the cable explained that Tanjong Rambutan was in the Federated Malay States, as neither he nor I had the slightest idea where it was.
    MeSH terms: Hospitals, Psychiatric
  4. Br Med J, 1926;1:623.
    MeSH terms: Schools, Medical; Singapore
  5. Fletcher W, Lesslar JE
    MeSH terms: Humans; Scrub Typhus
  6. Wu LT
    MeSH terms: China; Humans; Narcotics; Opium; Substance-Related Disorders
  7. Williamson KB
    MeSH terms: Animals; Culicidae
  8. Watson M
    MeSH terms: Mosquito Control
  9. Walker JHC
    MeSH terms: Humans; Skin Neoplasms
  10. Viswalingam A
    MeSH terms: Humans; Malaysia/ethnology; Yaws
  11. Stanton AT, Fletcher W
    MeSH terms: Humans; Melioidosis; Zoonoses; Rats
  12. South SW, Birkinshaw F
    MeSH terms: Animals; Rats
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    MeSH terms: Anemia; Humans; Malaria; Pregnancy; Prenatal Care; Women
  14. Scott GW
    MeSH terms: Health Services; Hospitals
  15. Scharff JW
    MeSH terms: Animals; Mosquito Control
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