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  1. Wu LT
    MeSH terms: China; Humans; Narcotics; Opium; Substance-Related Disorders
  2. Williamson KB
    MeSH terms: Animals; Culicidae
  3. Watson M
    MeSH terms: Mosquito Control
  4. Walker JHC
    MeSH terms: Humans; Skin Neoplasms
  5. Viswalingam A
    MeSH terms: Humans; Malaysia/ethnology; Yaws
  6. Stanton AT, Fletcher W
    MeSH terms: Humans; Melioidosis; Zoonoses; Rats
  7. South SW, Birkinshaw F
    MeSH terms: Animals; Rats
  8. Siva K
    MeSH terms: Anemia; Humans; Malaria; Pregnancy; Prenatal Care; Women
  9. Scott GW
    MeSH terms: Health Services; Hospitals
  10. Scharff JW
    MeSH terms: Animals; Mosquito Control
  11. Scharff JW
    MeSH terms: Ascariasis; China/ethnology; Helminthiasis; Humans; Infant; Male
  12. Nair
    MeSH terms: Humans; Tuberculosis, Pulmonary
  13. McAlister GH
    1. The Malayan Medical Journal as the offcial organ of the British Medical Association Malaya branch
    2. The cure of opium habit
    3. Infectious jaundice
    4. The Institute for Medical Research Kuala Lumpur
    MeSH terms: Academies and Institutes; Ethnic Groups; Habits; Humans; Jaundice; Malaysia; Opium; Biomedical Research; Medical Writing
  14. Macaulay TS
    MeSH terms: Humans; Pneumonia
  15. Kingsbury AN
    MeSH terms: Humans; Neoplasms; Occupational Diseases
  16. Hariharam M
    MeSH terms: Gonorrhea; Humans; India/ethnology; Malaria; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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