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  1. Khoo KW, Arman Zaharil MS, Mohd Ali MZ
    Med J Malaysia, 2018 12;73(6):423-424.
    PMID: 30647221
    Craniosynostosis is a premature pathologic fusion of one or more cranial vault sutures leading to abnormally-shaped skull. It can occur in isolated event (non-syndromic), or it can occur in conjunction with other anomalies in welldefined patterns (syndromic). The diagnosis rests on clinical examination and confirmation is generally on the computed tomography scan. The need for surgery is both for cosmetic and functional reasons. Here we describe a case of nonsyndromic craniosynostosis that was treated with frontal orbital advancement (FOA). The potential benefits of FOA need to be carefully weighed against the potential complications when deciding for any surgical intervention.
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