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  1. Yaacob HB, Mahfuz Ali MA, Hamid JA
    Med J Malaysia, 1983 Jun;38(2):118-20.
    PMID: 6621440
    Two cases of oral speckled leukoplakia with differing behaviour are presented. This precancerous lesion of unknown aetiology requires early diagnosis for proper management. Candida albicans are frequently found in these lesions. The significance of epithelial dysplasia in relation to treatment is discussed. Surgical removal is the treatment of choice.
  2. Yaacob HB, Mahfuz Ali MA, Abd Hamid J
    Med J Malaysia, 1983 Sep;38(3):197-9.
    PMID: 6672561
    Eighty-eight (1.96%) out of 4,500 patients had teeth stained by tetracycline. The majority had yellowish-brown stains (59.1%), whilst 37.5% had greyish-brown and 3.4% had black stains. A large number of teeth (79.6%) were stained up to two-thirds of their crowns. The deciduous teeth, permanent incisors and first molars were most commonly affected (73.9%). Teeth are only stained by tetracycline if this drug is administered during their calcification periods. For aesthetic reason, the drug should not be prescribed from the fourth month of pregnancy till the seventh year of life. The social embarrasment due to such discolouration may be overcome by tooth bleaching and construction of tooth facings and crowns.
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