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  1. Foo, Sze-yeng, Raja Maznah Raja Hussain
    To help adults learners stay competitive in the changing work environments of the 21st century, the teaching and learning of adult learners ought to transition from the traditional didactic school of education to embrace self-directed and social forms of learning. This study proposes a conceptual framework of a mediated activity system in developing the e-socioconstructivist learning environment (eSCLE); which is a learner-centred environment incorporating the design of a physical and virtual learning space conducive for constructing knowledge and building upon existing knowledge in collaboration with others. The design of the eSCLE is a preliminary research attempt to develop instructional learning environments that reflect the unstructured seamless nature of lifelong self-directed learning. It was conducted among a cohort of Master of Instructional Technology (MIT) students enrolled in the Instructional Design and Development (IDD) Course in a local Higher Institution of Learning. Findings from survey questionnaires, content analysis, observation and interview reveal systemic tensions faced by learners in self-directing their learning in the eSCLE where it is suggested that appropriate balance and discretion in managing conflicting situations is needed. The integration of web-based technology is found to be able to scaffold self-directed learning as collaborative mediating tools where functional roles of both instructor and learner-determined web tools enable self-directed actions. Finally, the designed eSCLE is able to facilitate the development of self-directed learning as learners transition through various self-directed learning phases in a steep learning curve, towards continuous lifelong learning.
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