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  1. Hazwan Ab. Wahid, Khairul Nizam bin Siron, Ahmad Zakiran
    Displaced and unstable proximal humerus fractures are difficult to treat
    and they have high morbidity. The main goal is to achieve painless shoulder with full
    recovery of the shoulder joint motion. Impingement syndrome is one of the commonest
    postoperative complication. This study aim is to appreciate the functional outcomes of
    Philos-plate fixation for proximal humerus fractures and to establish association with
    high plate positioning with impingement syndrome of the shoulder after Philos-plate
    fixation. (Copied from article).
  2. Hazwan Ab. Wahid, Kow, Ren Yi, Khan, Ed Simor, Komahen, Colin
    The occurrence of atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation is fairly uncommon; however, it is
    more common to be encountered in the paediatric population, typically seen after a
    retropharyngeal inflammation or after a minor trauma. Ligamentous laxity, shallower
    and more horizontally oriented facet joints especially at the C1-2 joint making them
    prone to have atlantoaxial subluxation or dislocation. (Copied from article).
  3. Kow, Ren Yi, Hazwan Ab Wahid, Ed Simor Khan Mor Japar Khan, Colin Komahen, Low, Chooi Leng, Ruben Jaya Kumar
    Cervical spine injury is commonly associated with
    road-traffic accidents. The true incidence of cervical
    spine injuries is unknown due to under-reporting of
    such injuries. Cervical spine injury is associated with
    high morbidity and mortality if it is missed. With the
    advancement of imaging modalities, the number of
    missed cervical injuries has reduced. Nevertheless, some
    clinicians are dependent solely on imaging tools to rule
    out cervical spine injury in a trauma victim. We report
    two cases of “near miss” C6 fracture to highlight the
    importance of a detailed clinical history and clinical
    examination with imaging as an adjunct to rule out
    cervical injury.
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