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  1. Nur Ezdiani Mohamed
    Providing training on areas of known social cultural limitation such as sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is challenging and many end up with improper training. Present study aims to explore facilitators' skills and exploring feedback on the SRH program implementation. A training program was conducted based on existing module developed by Ministry of Health Malaysia. The focus of the training is on imparting essential sexual reproductive health knowledge for the teachers and instilling confidence in educating it on children and adolescents particularly those with disabilities. Methods The respondents were enrolled from a training centre for teachers trained for special needs children. The fascilitators of the program were the public health doctors in training. A case studies design was used to explore the themes. Nine focus group discussions comprising 15 participants each were conducted on teachers who had participated in the training. A semi-guided questionnaire was used to guide the discussion. Discussions were audio and video recorded with permission then transcribed verbatim. Transcriptions were analysed using thematic analysis to capture similarities and differences in views expressed by the participants. Results Eight themes were derived. Three related to the facilitators which were personality and characteristics, knowledge and skills. Five were related to the programme implementation – time, input, output, outcome and venue. Conclusion Generally, the programme received positive remarks. Programme input needs further improvement. Based on the participants' feedback, the programme managed to achieve its objectives. Facilitators were able to facilitate the training satisfactorily.
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