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  1. Leong YP, Sappany A
    Med J Malaysia, 1995 Dec;50(4):330-3.
    PMID: 8668052
    The management of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) at a private medical centre was reviewed. The criteria for surgery were AAA more than or equal to five centimeters in diameter, symptomatic AAA even if less than five centimeters and ruptured AAA. A total of 67 patients were seen between October 1991 to September 1994. The age range was 48 to 94 years, mean = 69.8. There were 58 males to nine females. Twelve patients presented with ruptured AAA. There were three suprarenal AAA and three mycotic AAA. Aneurysmectomies were performed on 50 patients. This include all patients with ruptured AAA. There was no mortality in the elective cases. One patient with ruptured AAA died, ie. an operative mortality of eight per cent. It was concluded that a very low operative mortality can be achieved in this group of high risk patients. Our results were comparable to those reported by other centres in the developed countries. Important factors contributing to these results include a team approach in a unit interested in this disease, careful pre-operative preparation and a rigid post-operative regime. For ruptured AAA, survival of the patient depended on a successful and timely operation. It was also concluded that no patient should be deemed unfit for surgery or denied an operation if they needed to have one and it was safe to transport patients with ruptured AAA to a centre where the operation can be performed.
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