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  1. Muhammad Fikri Alif Dzulkarnain, Wan Emri Wan Abdul Rahaman
    One of the issues found in small and medium industry is the poor layout design affecting its productivity
    and line efficiency. In automotive industries, more attention should be given in improving assembly line
    to increase productivity. This paper presents application of line balancing at the accelerator and brake
    pedal assembly line at a small and medium automotive industry. Research methodology employed in
    this study includes time study, visualising cycle time based on Yamazumi Chart, distribution of workload
    on each workstation using line balancing based on the current takt time and re-layouting the assembly
    line. All the proposed layouts are assessed using commercially available software, DELMIA Quest to
    evaluate the robustness based on parameters such as fluctuation in demand, availability of the machine,
    and operator capacity. Finally, the outputs presented include reduction in manpower, maximum utilisation
    of manpower, as well as machine and minimum total production cost. This will lead to productivity
    improvement of the assembly line.
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