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  1. Loqman MY, Wong CM, Hair-Bejo M, Zuki AB, Hafeez YM
    Med J Malaysia, 2004 May;59 Suppl B:113-4.
    PMID: 15468844
    A study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of freeze-dried bovine pericardium (FDBP) as a biomaterial in diaphragmatic herniorrhapy in dogs. Eight adult dogs were randomly selected and divided into two equal groups. In FDBP group, a diaphragmatic defect was induced and repaired with an identical size of FDBP. In the control group, a diaphragmatic wall was incised at three-side border creating a flap and sutured. Grossly, only mild intrathoracic adhesion was observed for most of the animals, and no herniation occured. Microscopically, the biomaterial incorporated into the host's tissue by ingrowth of young muscle fiber and massive new blood vessel formation in between the fibrous tissue.
    Matched MeSH terms: Diaphragm/pathology
  2. Claveria FG, Cruz MJ
    Parasitol Int, 2000 Jan;48(3):243-7.
    PMID: 11227764
    Ultrastructural studies of sarcocysts obtained from Philippine water buffaloes revealed the presence of the commonly reported macroscopic species, Sarcocystis fusiformis, and the microscopic species Sarcocystis levinei (Dissanaike A, Kan S. Studies on Sarcocystis in Malaysia. I: Sarcocystis levinei n.sp. from the water buffalo Bubalus bubalis. Z Parasitenkd 1978;55:127-38), (Huong L, Dubey J, Uggla A. Redescription of Sarcocystis levinei Dissanaike and Kan, 1978 (Protozoa: Sarcocystidae) of the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). J Parasitol 1997;83:1148-52). The globular to oval microscopic cysts commonly observed in the muscles of the diaphragm and neck exhibit compartmentalized arrangement of zoites with septal partitions and measure 13-48 microns in diameter. The parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of sarcocyst bears minute and hair-like villar protrusions measuring 2.3-2.75 microns long emanating at certain distances from the primary cyst wall and lack microfilaments. Villar protrusions have expanded to dome-shaped base measuring 0.33-1.6 microns long by 0.22-1.0 micron wide, and intermediate and tapering distal segments bent approximately 90 degrees and run parallel to the cyst surface. The distal segments at some areas join to form conical tufts. The primary cyst wall bears numerous prominent undulations that are arranged in small clusters. The ground substance is 0.42-0.57 micron thick. This paper documents the first report of S. levinei in Philippine water buffaloes possessing the type 7 cyst wall.
    Matched MeSH terms: Diaphragm/pathology
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