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  1. Brandt JR, Sewell MM
    Vet. Res. Commun., 1981 Dec;5(2):187-91.
    PMID: 7345726
    Strains of Taenia taeniaeformis were shown to possess markedly differing infectivities for Sprague-Dawley rats and CFI mice. Strains from Scotland, Belgium and Iraq were more infective for mice than rats while this situation was reversed with a Malaysian strain. There were also differences in their ability to infect hosts of different ages within the range 3-12 weeks of age.
    MeSH terms: Animals; Male; Mice, Inbred Strains/parasitology*; Rats, Inbred Strains/parasitology*; Rodent Diseases/parasitology*; Taeniasis/parasitology; Taeniasis/veterinary*; Mice; Rats
  2. Ong SB, Lee CT
    Acta Psychiatr Scand, 1981 Mar;63(3):198-207.
    PMID: 7015790
    A double-blind study was carried out to compare the efficacy and tolerability of nomifensine and amitriptyline in 17 Malaysian patients with moderate to severe depression. The two drugs did not differ with regard to antidepressant effect but nomifensine-treated subjects report fewer side-effects with no complaints of palpitations. Nomifensine also increases capacity for work and activity.
    MeSH terms: Adult; Amitriptyline/adverse effects; Amitriptyline/therapeutic use*; Clinical Trials as Topic; Depressive Disorder/drug therapy*; Double-Blind Method; Female; Humans; Isoquinolines/therapeutic use*; Male; Middle Aged; Nomifensine/adverse effects; Nomifensine/therapeutic use*
  3. Lie-Injo LE, Herrera AR, Kan YW
    Nucleic Acids Res, 1981 Aug 11;9(15):3707-17.
    PMID: 6269090
    DNA from healthy Malaysian newborns was studied on gene maps after digestion with different restriction endonucleases. Of 65 newborns, two were found to be carriers of two different variants of triplicated alpha-globin loci. In variant no. 1, found in an Malay, the three alpha-globin genes are in an elongated DNA fragment on digestion with Eco RI and Bam HI. The third alpha-globin gene was found in a additional 3.7-kb fragment on digestion with Hpa I, Bgl II and Hind III. In variant no. 2, a new type of triplicated alpha-globin loci, found in a Chinese, the three alpha-globin genes reside in an elongated DNA fragment longer than that of variant no. 1 on digestion with Eco RI and Bam HI. The third alpha-globin gene was found in an additional 4.2-kb fragment on digestion with Hpa I and Hind III. Digestion of this variant DNA with Bg1 II produced an abnormal 16.7-kb fragment in addition to the normal 7.0-kb Bgl-II fragment. The locations of the restriction sites in the two types of triplicated alpha-globin loci are compatible with a mechanism of unequal crossing over following two different modes of misalignment.
    MeSH terms: Base Sequence; DNA Restriction Enzymes; Erythrocytes/metabolism; Fetal Blood; Genes*; Globins/genetics*; Hemoglobins, Abnormal/genetics; Humans; Infant, Newborn; Leukocytes/metabolism; Nucleic Acid Hybridization; Genetic Variation
  4. Wong YC
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4<I> </I>:27-30.
    MeSH terms: Mental Disorders; Depression; Humans; Mass Screening
  5. Wong HB
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4<I> </I>:33-38.
    MeSH terms: Mass Screening
  6. Tweedie DR
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:79-81.
    MeSH terms: History, 20th Century
  7. Thirumoorthy T
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4<I> </I>:53-54.
    MeSH terms: Dermatology
  8. Teoh SK
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4<I> </I>:23-26.
    MeSH terms: Mass Screening; Obstetrics
  9. Tan FEH
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4<I> </I>:50-51.
  10. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:43-46.
    MeSH terms: Deafness
  11. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:29-30.
    MeSH terms: Child; Humans; Malaysia
  12. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:21-26.
    MeSH terms: Child; Malaysia
  13. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4(1):12-16.
    MeSH terms: Humans
  14. Syed Mahmood SH
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:3-3.
  15. Suleiman AB
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:17-18.
    MeSH terms: Mass Screening
  16. Strahm RW
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4(2):27-28.
    MeSH terms: Disabled Persons
  17. Phoon WO
    Family Practitioner, 1981;4:5-10.
    MeSH terms: Child; Malaysia
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