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  1. Zakriya M
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:61-62.
    MeSH terms: Rehabilitation
  2. Yong EL, Lim PHC
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:67-69.
    MeSH terms: Testis; Seminoma
  3. Woon TH
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6(2):55-57.
    With about 1% of Malaysian medical practitioners being psychiatrist, the patients need the psychiatric skill and care of general practitioners for both early referral and follow-up care. The psychological reactions aroused by the mentally ill patients may be jointly managed by the doctors and their families. The primary care doctor can play an effective therapeutic and supporting role in the rehabilitation of the patient that may include, when available, other workers in social and psychiatric services.
    MeSH terms: Physicians; Primary Health Care; Rehabilitation; General Practitioners
  4. Wong HB
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:23-28.
    MeSH terms: Glucosephosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
  5. Wo KT
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6(3):27-28.
    MeSH terms: Humans; Proteinuria
  6. Wang F
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:23-26.
    MeSH terms: Adult; Infection; Urinary Tract; Urinary Tract Infections
  7. Thuraisingham V
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:25-27.
    MeSH terms: Coronary Disease; Heart
  8. Thirumoorthy T
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:47-50.
    MeSH terms: Child; Dermatology; Pediatrics
  9. Thirumoorthy T
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:69-71.
    MeSH terms: Infection; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  10. Tan TH
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6(1):11.
    MeSH terms: Periodicals as Topic
  11. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:67-70.
    MeSH terms: Hospitalization
  12. Syed Mahmood SH
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6<I> </I>:88-89.
  13. Suleiman AB
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:65-66.
    MeSH terms: Humans; Proteinuria
  14. Saw HS
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:43-49.
    MeSH terms: Physicians; Physicians, Family; General Practitioners
  15. Robaayah Z
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:28-29.
    MeSH terms: Hypertension
  16. Pathmanathan T
    Family Practitioner, 1983;6:29-32.
    MeSH terms: Failure to Thrive
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