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  1. Yong SY
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:34-37.
    MeSH terms: Aged; Geriatrics; Musculoskeletal Diseases
  2. Yogeswary S
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7<I> </I>:35-40.
    MeSH terms: Immunization
  3. Yeoh PH
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7<I> </I>:31-34.
    MeSH terms: Education, Medical; Malaysia; Occupational Diseases
  4. Woon TH
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:49-50.
    Marital and sexual counselling is an important aspect of the work of a primary care physician or family practitioner. The preventive aspect of this counselling is fairly obvious in the practice of family planning. The medical practitioners have to be aware of the socio-cultural background of his patients or refer to qualified allied health professionals.
    MeSH terms: Counseling; Primary Health Care; Work
  5. Wong HB
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:87-92.
    MeSH terms: Diagnosis; Prenatal Diagnosis; Thalassemia
  6. Wong HB
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:75-86.
    MeSH terms: Singapore; Solutions; Thalassemia
  7. Thayaparan A
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7(1):12-13.
    MeSH terms: Rheumatology
  8. Taylor A, Kelly DJ
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:26-8.
    MeSH terms: Malaysia; Scrub Typhus
  9. Tan F, Feng PH
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:46-47.
    MeSH terms: Phenylbutazone
  10. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:48-52.
    MeSH terms: Education, Medical; Malaysia
  11. Tan CK
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7<I> </I>:98-102.
    MeSH terms: Politics
  12. Sivanesaratnam V
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:64-66.
    MeSH terms: Contraception; Vasectomy
  13. Sivananthan KS
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:38-42.
    MeSH terms: Back Pain
  14. Raveendran K
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:43-45.
    MeSH terms: Family Practice; Orthopedics
  15. Rampal KG
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:35-38.
    MeSH terms: Education, Medical; Malaysia; Metals; Occupational Diseases
  16. Raman S, Rachagan SP
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:41-43.
    MeSH terms: Dysmenorrhea
  17. Phoon WO
    Family Practitioner, 1984;7:44-47.
    MeSH terms: Electronics; Industry; Malaysia; Occupational Diseases
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