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  1. Thavarajah GA
    Family Physician, 1989;1:10-11.
    MeSH terms: Child; Humans; Malaysia; Outpatients
  2. Tan CT
    Family Physician, 1989;1:9-11.
    MeSH terms: Headache
  3. Tai KT
    Family Physician, 1989;1:16-18.
    MeSH terms: Paraplegia
  4. Subramaniam SC
    Family Physician, 1989;1:24-26.
    MeSH terms: Emergencies; Eye; Eye Diseases
  5. Sivasundram A
    Family Physician, 1989;1:55-57.
    MeSH terms: Child; Eczema; Malaysia
  6. Sivananthan KS
    Family Physician, 1989;1:12-14.
    MeSH terms: Child; Malaysia
  7. Sivalingam N, Latipah M, Thavarasah AS
    Family Physician, 1989;1:67-69.
  8. Sivalingam N, Bhagat S, Pereira R
    Family Physician, 1989;1:23-27.
    MeSH terms: Blood Pressure; Hospitals; Hospitals, District; Hypertension; Quality of Life; Sterilization; Review
  9. Siti Aishah MA, Tham KY
    Family Physician, 1989;1:44-46.
    MeSH terms: Carcinoma
  10. Sathyamoorthy P
    Family Physician, 1989;1:52-56.
    MeSH terms: Kidney; Malaysia; Radiology; Ultrasonography
  11. Sathyamoorthy P
    Family Physician, 1989;1:62-64.
    MeSH terms: Malaysia; Pancreatic Pseudocyst; Radiology; Ultrasonography
  12. Reddy SVG
    Family Physician, 1989;1:42-42.
    MeSH terms: Anesthetics*; Humans; Malaysia; Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions*
  13. Raman S, Neoh HS
    Family Physician, 1989;1:49-51.
    MeSH terms: Case Reports; Obstetrics
  14. Pillay B, Yap SK
    Family Physician, 1989;1:47-48.
    MeSH terms: Cells; Vaginal Smears
  15. Pall S
    Family Physician, 1989;1:15-17.
    MeSH terms: Humans; Ophthalmology; Outpatients; Physicians; Physicians, Family; General Practitioners
  16. Osman A
    Family Physician, 1989;1:42-43.
    The validity of the 2-hour post-prandial (2HPP) urine glucose was determined among a Malay community in Kuala Selangor. Fifty glycosuric and 80 non-glycosuric samples had their capillary blood glucose and fasting blood sugar tested to determine their diabetic status. It was found that the test was very sensitive but less specific (sensitivity 100% and specificity 72.1%). Samples with 2HPP urine glucose of 3 + had a higher probability of being diabetic than the others.
    MeSH terms: Blood Glucose; Diabetes Mellitus; Humans; Malaysia; Mass Screening; Sensitivity and Specificity
  17. Ng SC
    Family Physician, 1989;1:64-66.
    MeSH terms: Biopsy; Bone Marrow; Malaysia
  18. Nathan L
    Family Physician, 1989;1:22-25.
    MeSH terms: Child; Infection
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