• 1 School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia
J Appl Microbiol, 2022 Jan 21.
PMID: 35061929 DOI: 10.1111/jam.15455


Biofilm secreted by microalgae are extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs) composed mainly of polysaccharides, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. These EPSs immobilize the cells and stabilize biofilm, mediating adhesion towards solid surfaces. The EPSs valorization through industrial exploitations and scientific works is becoming more popular, but the bottleneck of such studies is the lack of consensus among researchers on the selection of detection techniques to be used, especially for novice researchers. It is a daunting task for any inexperienced researcher when they fail to identify the right tools needed for microalgal biofilm studies. In this review, a well-refined analysis protocol about microalgal biofilm and EPSs were prepared including its extraction and characterization. Pros and cons of various detection techniques were addressed and cutting-edge methods to study biofilm EPSs were highlighted. Future perspectives were also presented at the end of this review to bridge research gaps in studying biofilm adhesion via EPSs production. Ultimately, this review aims to assist novice researchers in making the right choices in their research studies on microalgal biofilms in accordance to the available technologies and needs.

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