• 1 Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah, Kuala Pilah, Malaysia
  • 2 Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Malays Orthop J, 2012 Jun;6(SupplA):6-10.
PMID: 25279067 MyJurnal DOI: 10.5704/MOJ.1211.003


A series of 11 patients with osteoporotic compression fracture of the spine who underwent posterior instrumentation and transpedicular bone drafting in Siriraj Hospital Bangkok was analysed retrospectively. The indications for surgery were neurological deficit, kyphotic deformity and intractable pain. The mean follow up period was 10.1 months (range, 2.1 - 25.5 months). On follow up, all patients indicated recovery from pain. Most patients (7/11) regained one Frankel grade and one patient who was Frankel grade D preoperatively remained grade D postoperatively. Daily functionality improved in nine patients, but two patients still required aid for walking and standing. There was no pedicle screw loosening, pull-out or implant breakage as of the last date of follow up. Adjacent vertebrae also did not show any fracture or reduction in height. We conclude that this operative method is acceptable for osteoporotic fracture of the spine, although a longer period of follow up is needed to further evaluate its efficacy.

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