• 1 X-ray Crystallography Unit, School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Penang, Malaysia
Acta Crystallogr C, 2003 Jun;59(Pt 6):o308-10.
PMID: 12794347


9,10-Diphenyl-9,10-epidioxyanthracene, C(26)H(18)O(2), (I), was accidentally used in a photooxygenation reaction that produced 9,10-dihydro-10,10-dimethoxy-9-phenylanthracen-9-ol, C(22)H(20)O(3), (II). In both compounds, the phenyl rings are approximately orthogonal to the anthracene moiety. The conformation of the anthracene moiety differs as a result of substitution. Intramolecular C-H.O interactions in (I) form two approximately planar S(5) rings in each of the two crystallographically independent molecules. The packing of (I) and (II) consists of molecular dimers stabilized by C-H.O interactions and of molecular chains stabilized by O-H.O interactions, respectively.

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