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Chronic low back pain is a common preventable occupational health illness affecting most workers. Large amount of financial and benefit cost had been spent by the developed countries to prevent, treat and rehabilitate a large number of workers who are exposed to hazards that are attributed to low back pain. Efforts on primary prevention of low back pain had been challenging due to difficulties in affirming work- relatedness of chronic back pain among workers. As such, efforts have to be focused on existing literatures to propose acceptable variables to develop the definition of workrelatedness specific to chronic low back pain. Such identified variables or factors could be used to develop a set of criteria in defining work- related chronic back pain. Literature search using specific work- related and chronic low back pain key words were used. Comparable articles were judged and a summarized result was obtained. These variables could be grouped into individual characteristics, health behaviours, physical conditions at work, work organizations and ergonomic factors. With proper methodology and statistical analysis, tools could be developed to aid physicians in determining work- related chronic low back pain among employees.