• 1 University of Malaya
Malaysian Dental Journal, 2015;38(2):36-50.


Full mouth rehabilitation of the severely collapsed dentition is one of the most challenging procedures in restorative dentistry. The treatment aims are not only to restore function with sustainable restorations and to provide patients with an aesthetic smile, but also to conserve the remaining dentition and maintain the health of supporting structures. This case report describes the complete oral rehabilitation of a patient with severely broken down dentition and loss of posterior support. Loss of posterior support will not only result in breakdown of remaining dentition in the anterior region due to occlusal overload, it also adds years to the patient’s appearance. A complete treatment plan was outlined involving multidisciplinary team treatment included sessions of oral hygiene instructions and re-assessments, a diagnostic stage with provisional overlay denture at an increased occlusal vertical dimension (OVD), endodontic treatment and retreatment, crown lengthening as well as implant surgery. Final restoration involved both fixed and removable prostheses. Maintenance review was carried out periodically after completion of treatment for two years and good outcome was observed.