• 1 International Medical University
  • 2 Ziauddin University
  • 3 Universiti Putra Malaysia


Immediate feedback assessment technique (IF-AT) are self-scoring answer sheets, based on the
concepts of immediate feedback for choosing the correct answer in multiple choice questions (MCQs)
during group readiness assurance tests (GRATs) in team-based learning (TBL). IF-AT scratch card
system rewards a student with partial credit for proximate knowledge. This technique motivates
students to pursue learning with just-in-time feedback and gives them the opportunity for collaborative
learning and analytic reasoning among group members. A rubric for partial credit is decided pre-hand
depending upon the number of options used in MCQs. In this study, we assessed students’ perception
about immediate feedback assessment technique before and after the training. To determine students’
perception of the IF-AT scratch card system in instruction and assessment. Students perceptions
about the IF-AT system has been explored using a 25-item questionnaire administered to 60 students
assigned randomly to control and training groups using pre-test and post-test analysis. Paired-sample
t-test and independent-sample t-test statistics were employed and the data was analysed. Descriptive
statistics observed for mean (SD) was found greater in trained group = 58.48 (4.87) vs. control group
= 66.43 (5.81) with t-statistics significant at p = < 0.001. A significant difference in mean (SD) of
pre-test minus post-test scores (5.16) of control and trained group = 5.37 (4.85) and 10.53 (8.36)
respectively was also found with independent t-test analysis. It was found highly significant with
t = –2.92, p < 0.05 and the effect size of 78.1%, established by Cohen’s d criteria. The IF-AT system
provides an individualised and instantaneous instruction as feedback in an assessment, which is
marked with collaborative learning as in team-based learning. The IF-AT system promotes analytic
reasoning with problem solving skills through partial credit for proximate knowledge. Students’
perceive the concept of immediate feedback and partial credit for proximate knowledge as the most
important features of the IF-AT scratch card system.

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