• 1 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
MATEMATIKA, 2018;34(1):31-47.


In this paper, Maxwell fluid over a flat plate for convective boundary layer
flow with pressure gradient parameter is considered. The aim of this study is to compare
and analyze the effects of the presence and absence of λ (relaxation time), and also the
effects of m (pressure gradient parameter) and Pr (Prandtl number)on the momentum
and thermal boundary layer thicknesses. An approximation technique namely Homotopy
Perturbation Method (HPM) has been used with an implementation of Adam and Gear
Method’s algorithms. The obtained results have been compared for zero relaxation time
and also pressure gradient parameter with the published work of Fathizadeh and Rashidi.
The current outcomes are found to be in good agreement with the published results.
Physical interpretations have been given for the effects of the m, Pr and β (Deborah
number) with λ. This study will play an important role in industrial and engineering