ISBN: 978-967-0538-17-4


Citation: Teng CL, Khoo EM, Ng CJ (editors). Family Medicine, Healthcare & Society: Essays By Dr M K Rajakumar, Second Edition. Kuala Lumpur: Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia, 2019

First edition: 2008

Contents of second edition:
Preface to the Second Edition iii
Acknowledgements iv
Contents vi
Foreword by Dr Harbaskh Singh vii
Foreword by Professor Chris van Weel (in the First Edition) viii
Foreword by Datuk Dr D M Thuraiappah (in the First Edition) ix
Section 1: Primary Health Care and Family Medicine 1
1 Put not New Wine into Old Bottles 3
2 The Importance of Primary Care 6
3 Primary Health for all the People 11
4 The Evolution of General Practice 16
5 Future of Family Medicine in Developing Countries 23
6 Family Practice: Uniting Across Frontiers 27
Section 2: Training for Family Medicine 31
7 Specialisation in Primary Healthcare training for the new General Practice in Malaysia [summary] 32
8 A Proposal for the Training of Physicians in Primary Care for the Rural Areas of Malaysia 34
9 The Family Physician in Asia: Looking to the 21st Century 40
10 Training Family Doctors in a Developing Country 46
Section 3: Family Medicine journals 51
11 Family Physician [inaugural issue of Family Physician] 52
12 Our journal [inaugural issue of Malaysian Family Physician] 56
Section 4: Healthcare Improvement 58
13 The Future of the Health Services in Malaysia. [summary] 59
14 Quality in Family Practice 68 15 Foreword, In: Chee HL, Barraclough S (ed). Health Care in Malaysia 75 Section 5: Ethics and Professionalism 81
16 Ethical Consequences of Technological Change 83
17 Dr Sun Yat Sen Oration. Between Faith and Reason 91
18 Ethics, Professionalism and the “Trade” 99
19 Rural Health and Global Equity: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? 103
20 Achieving Equity Through a Primary Care-Led Health System 108 Section 6: Civil Society 112
21 Looking Back, Looking Forward 113
Appendix 1: Dr M K Rajakumar: A brief curriculum vitae 120
Appendix 2: Books and articles about Dr M K Rajakumar 124
Appendix 3: Reflections and comments 125