• 1 Department of Terrestrial Zoology, Understanding Evolution group, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Darwinweg 2, 2333CR Leiden, the Netherlands Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden Netherlands
  • 2 Institute for Biology Leiden (IBL), Leiden University, Sylviusweg 72, 2333BE Leiden, the Netherlands Leiden University Leiden Netherlands
Zookeys, 2021;1012:21-53.
PMID: 33584107 DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.1012.57047


The family Symphytognathidae is reported from Thailand for the first time. Three new species: Anapistula choojaiaesp. nov., Crassignatha seeliamsp. nov., and Crassignatha seedamsp. nov. are described and illustrated. Distribution is expanded and additional morphological data are reported for Patu shiluensis Lin & Li, 2009. Specimens were collected in Thailand between July and August 2018. The newly described species were found in the north mountainous region of Chiang Mai, and Patu shiluensis was collected in the coastal region of Phuket. DNA sequences are provided for all the species here studied. The relations of these symphytognathid species were tested using previously published phylogenetic analyses on micro orb-weavers. Also, we used micro CT analysis to build 3D models of the male genitalia and somatic characters of two species of Crassignatha Wunderlich, 1995. The molecular phylogeny and 3D models were used to discuss the taxonomy and circumscription of the currently valid symphytognathid genera, with focus on Crassignatha and Patu Marples, 1951. Based on this, three new combinations are suggested: Crassignatha bicorniventris (Lin & Li, 2009), comb. nov., Crassignatha quadriventris (Lin & Li, 2009), comb. nov., and Crassignatha spinathoraxi (Lin & Li, 2009), comb. nov. A new record of Crassignatha danaugirangensisMiller et al. 2014 is reported from Brunei.

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