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  1. Bian D, Jäch MA
    Zootaxa, 2019 Apr 16;4586(1):zootaxa.4586.1.6.
    PMID: 31716145 DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4586.1.6
    Four new species of Grouvellinus Champion, 1923 with very long median pronotal carina are described from China: G. hongkongensis sp. nov. (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong), G. longiusculus sp. nov. (Jiangxi), G. mediocarinatus sp. nov. (Fujian, Guangdong), and G. robustus sp. nov. (Anhui). These species are obviously closely related to G. bishopi Jäch, 1984 described from Malaysia (Selangor). The latter is here recorded for the first time from Kedah and Perak (Malaysia). Habitus photographs, detailed line drawings of the male genitalia, as well as a key to the males of the species of Grouvellinus with very long median pronotal carina are provided.
  2. Shen D, Qi H, Lin W, Zhang W, Bian D, Shi X, et al.
    Sci Adv, 2021 Jun;7(23).
    PMID: 34088662 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abf0614
    Balancing the biodegradability and mechanical integrity of a bioresorbable scaffold (BRS) with time after implantation to match the remodeling of the scaffolded blood vessel is important, but a key challenge in doing so remains. This study presents a novel intercalated structure of a metallic BRS by introducing a nanoscale Zn sacrificial layer between the nitrided Fe platform and the sirolimus-carrying poly(d,l-lactide) drug coating. The PDLLA-Zn-FeN BRS shows a multistage biodegradation behavior, maintaining mechanical integrity at the initial stage and exhibiting accelerated biodegradation at the subsequent stage in both rabbit abdominal aortas and human coronary arteries, where complete biodegradation was observed about 2 years after implantation. The presence of the nanoscale Zn sacrificial layer with an adjustable thickness also contributes to the tunable biodegradation of BRS and allows the reduction of the metallic strut thickness to 53 μm, with radial strength as strong as that of the current permanent drug-eluting stents.
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