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  1. Muhammad Fikri, Z., Ruzy Haryati, H., Seri Rahayu, K.
    Anthropometric study is one of the oldest branches of study in ergonomics where it serves a purpose in study of
    proportion and size for human body. One of the common methods used in anthropometric measurement is traditional
    measurement or direct measurement. However, Malaysia is still left behind other countries in development of national
    anthropometric database. Researchers in Malaysia are still relying on the traditional anthropometric (TA)
    measurement. There are several important factors that contribute to problems in TA such as accuracy, time, posture,
    identification of landmarks, instrument positions and orientations, and pressure exerted due to measuring equipment. In
    view of the fact that the difficulties of obtaining human anthropometry, it becomes necessary to propose a method which
    has less contact executed to respondent. This study aims to propose a new anthropometric measurement method using
    motion capture camera (MCC) method, later to develop the database for youth male population. A pilot test was done
    in order to confirm the measuring procedure as well as the flow of the study. Next, the Minitab statistical software used
    to check the validity and reliability of data using the tests of a) Accuracy-Pearson/Spearman Correlation b) BiasPaired
    T-Test c) Test-Retest Reliability-Pearson/Spearman Correlation d) Precision-Mean Absolute Difference and
    Relative Error Measurement. Results showed that the validity and reliability of this motion camera has successfully
    obtained and the anthropometric data for youth male respondents has successfully constructed. These findings can be
    used and expended to the national anthropometric database to be utilised in ergonomics design.
  2. Mohammad Firdaus, A., Mohamad, M., Ruzy Haryati, H., Kalthom Husain, Seri Rahayu, K.
    Driving activity has become more important as this medium being practical, it is also cheaper and faster in
    connecting human from one to another place. However, in some occurrence, it can cause accidents as they become
    fatigued while driving. Driver fatigue is one of the top contributors to the road accidents and can be dangerous as
    other road safety issues such as drink driving. Worst is, there are no laws regulating driver fatigue. Therefore, the
    main purpose of this study is to develop the regression model of apsychophysical factor for drivers’ fatigue which can
    predict the relationship between the process input parameters and output responses. The study was participated by
    ten subjects. The heart rate was taken and recorded using heart rate monitor. Design Expert 8.0.6 software was used
    for the regression analysis. The modeling validation runs werewithin the 90% prediction intervals of the developed
    model and the residual errors were less than 10%. The R
    value is 0.9400 whichmeans that the linear regression line
    passed exactly through all points. The significant parameters that influenced the heart rate were also identified.The
    parameters are time exposure, type of road, and gender.
  3. Siti Khadijah, K., Ruzy Haryati, H., Seri Rahayu, K., Muhamad Fauzie, A., Norhazirah, L.
    Working in prolonged standing position among industrial workers has been shown to be associated with different
    potentially serious health outcomes, namely lower back pain, leg pain, fatigue, discomfort, and other health issues.
    Personalisation of insole offers a solution that will provide a perfect fit and comfort to the shoes wearer based on
    the ergonomic considerations. It works in a way that it alters the pressure away from painful areas by increasing the
    surface area that supports the weight of the body and evenly distributes it to the whole plantar area. Survey was
    conducted among workers at a manufacturing industry company to study on the level of pain experienced by them
    together with their foot anthropometry. Then, the foot pressure of each of the workers was collected by using
    pressure measurement device (F-scan). Combination of these data was used to design the customized insole that is
    fit for the worker. The personalised insoles were fabricated by using Additive Manufacturing technology. After that,
    the insoles were validated by using the F-scan and Electromyogram (EMG) to ensure their effectiveness in reducing
    pressures on the foot and muscle activity hence improving the comfort of the shoe wearer. At the end of the
    experiment, it was found that the insole is able to reduce the peak pressure of four out of five areas of the worker’s
    foot with the reduction of pressure percentage ranging from 6% to 28%.
  4. Wan Hasrulnizzam, W.M., Fatimah, A., Seri Rahayu, K., Ruzy Haryati, H., Noor Amira, M.R.
    Research on environmental ergonomics of train/commuter is very limited. Thus, this study was conducted with aims
    to determine the environmental ergonomic of public transport, whether it is in accordance to indoor air quality
    standard inside women coach cabin train during operations. Although the number of passengers is increasing, some
    claimed that the indoor air quality for the Malaysian commuter train is uncertain, especially at peak times.
    Unsatisfactory feedback from some respondents—especially female passengers—will affect other passengers to
    remain loyal to use this facility as one of the main transportation to reduce the traffic congestion that will be faced
    if using private vehicles. The study conducted during peak hours on the weekends and the trip took exactly two hours
    and covered 18 main stations. The measurement devices placed at the centre of the cabin Komuter using Air Quality
    Meter (AIRFLOW Instrument Model TA465). The main parameters measured were temperature, humidity, and carbon
    dioxide (CO2). This study also counts the number of passengers riding the train. The results showed that the indoor
    air quality (AIQ) level of the morning hour will affect passengers’ health more compared to the evening hour (this is
    due to the CO2 level that has exceeded the safety standard). Morning hour gave higher reading of CO2 (43.8%) and
    relative humidity (17%) compared to evening hour. Evening hours also showed greater temperature at 3%. The
    findings can give awareness to the train company to improve the IAQ by installing a suitable ventilation system and
    can give comfort to the passengers when travelling using Malaysian commuter train.
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