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Working in prolonged standing position among industrial workers has been shown to be associated with different
potentially serious health outcomes, namely lower back pain, leg pain, fatigue, discomfort, and other health issues.
Personalisation of insole offers a solution that will provide a perfect fit and comfort to the shoes wearer based on
the ergonomic considerations. It works in a way that it alters the pressure away from painful areas by increasing the
surface area that supports the weight of the body and evenly distributes it to the whole plantar area. Survey was
conducted among workers at a manufacturing industry company to study on the level of pain experienced by them
together with their foot anthropometry. Then, the foot pressure of each of the workers was collected by using
pressure measurement device (F-scan). Combination of these data was used to design the customized insole that is
fit for the worker. The personalised insoles were fabricated by using Additive Manufacturing technology. After that,
the insoles were validated by using the F-scan and Electromyogram (EMG) to ensure their effectiveness in reducing
pressures on the foot and muscle activity hence improving the comfort of the shoe wearer. At the end of the
experiment, it was found that the insole is able to reduce the peak pressure of four out of five areas of the worker’s
foot with the reduction of pressure percentage ranging from 6% to 28%.