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  1. Jafri Mohd Rohani, Hood Atan, Wan Harun Wan Hamid, Mohamed Fitri Johari, Edly Ramly
    This objective of the study is to estimate occupational accident cost in manufacturing industries, especially in
    wood based related industries. The study attempts to identify, define, and classify the cost components of occupational
    accident related cost and to catalogue the various economic approaches used to estimate the entire costs of occupational
    accident and to propose the risk prevention plan. The study uses local specific approach by reviewing company
    historical records on occupational accident as reported in JKKP 6, JKKP 8, JKKP 9 and company internal investigation
    reports. For each occupational accident, the site safety officer in charge, human resource and, account employee,
    supervisor, victim, related co-workers and relatives were interviewed in order to estimate direct costs, indirect costs,
    prevention costs and other personal cost related to the accident. Other related information such as personal data of the
    victim, type of injuries, location of injuries and cause of injuries were recorded. A total of 24 occupational accidents
    data for the past five years were analyzed in the cost of accident summary report to determine the overall ratio of direct
    to indirect cost and ratio of total cost of accident to prevention cost. A further analysis was carried out to determine
    the most significant cost of accident related to demographic profiles for Malaysian and Non Malaysian employees. In
    conclusion, this study has determined the ratio of direct to indirect cost of occupational accident and has proposed the
    risk prevention plan with additional information on cost of accident and cost of prevention.
  2. Jafri Mohd Rohani, Hood Atan, Wan Harun Wan Hamid, Mohamed Fitri Johari, Wan Lokman Wan Bedurdin, Hafizah Ithnin
    Currently accident cost calculations involve lengthy process of data collection procedures. Accident cost
    calculations can be categorized into direct and indirect costs. Many manufacturing industries are having difficulties
    in identifying and quantifying the accident cost category. Besides, it involves manual data collection which is time
    consuming and has high tendency to make errors throughout the process. The data collection process also involves
    various parties. For example, getting direct cost data from human resource department while indirect cost data need
    to be obtained from manufacturing and safety department. The objective of this study is to propose Web-Based
    interactive Accident Cost Calculator (WBACC) for manufacturing industries. This WBACC has two options; option
    1: calculations based on input data at the time of accident. Option 2: calculations based on historical data such as
    previous accident records. Option 1 is much simpler because it only requires accident demographic data while option
    2 is much more complex. However, option 2 is more accurate compared to option 1. This proposed WBACC can be
    used by safety and health practitioners to convince their top management in making decisions especially on safety
    budget allocation.
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