• 1 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Currently accident cost calculations involve lengthy process of data collection procedures. Accident cost
calculations can be categorized into direct and indirect costs. Many manufacturing industries are having difficulties
in identifying and quantifying the accident cost category. Besides, it involves manual data collection which is time
consuming and has high tendency to make errors throughout the process. The data collection process also involves
various parties. For example, getting direct cost data from human resource department while indirect cost data need
to be obtained from manufacturing and safety department. The objective of this study is to propose Web-Based
interactive Accident Cost Calculator (WBACC) for manufacturing industries. This WBACC has two options; option
1: calculations based on input data at the time of accident. Option 2: calculations based on historical data such as
previous accident records. Option 1 is much simpler because it only requires accident demographic data while option
2 is much more complex. However, option 2 is more accurate compared to option 1. This proposed WBACC can be
used by safety and health practitioners to convince their top management in making decisions especially on safety
budget allocation.