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  1. R. Junin, M. Alizadeh, Z. Movahed, R. Mohsind, M. Alizadeh, M. Alizadeh
    This work will explain the processes that follow a reservoir heterogeneity analysis that is
    conducted using image logs. The data for this work comprises of image logs of tree wells, which are
    obtained from Gachsaran field. The main formations under study in this work are the Asmari
    formation, Pabdeh formation and Gurpi formation. This work will explain the process through a
    number of valuable log interpretation examples.
  2. J. Sahari, Shah, M. K. M, Nuratiqah, M.N., Rao, M.M.
    Empty fruit bunches and wastepaper together with urea formaldehyde (UF) were
    evaluated to figure out potential applications in engineering field. The purpose of this project is to
    determine the mechanical properties of a new high density board. This composite was manufactured
    by hot-press technique with 3 different ratios i.e. 10:0, 6.67:3.33 and 9.33:0.67. The mechanical
    properties were evaluated using the GOTECH/AI-7000M Electronic Mechanical Testing. Tensile tests
    were carried out according to ASTM D638. The results were analysed to calculate the tensile
    strength. Tensile strength at break ranged from 4.712 N/mm2 to 12.941 N/mm2 while hardness
    number obtained ranged from 6.76 RHN to 75.84 RHN. This fibreboard has better properties when
    reinforced with wastepaper compared to that of 100% empty fruit bunches. It is also found that the
    hardness number is higher, which means that this fibreboard can withstand any load not more than
    75.84 RHN. Finally, through Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), the surface structure of the new
    high density board has been studied in terms of their surface morphology.
  3. Abbas, M.R., Dasin, D.Y., Aliyu, A.S.
    Rural communities in sub Saharan Africa have spent considerable time and energy in
    their quest for obtaining cooking requirements. The utilization of solar energy for cooking is not a
    widespread practice despite the fact that African countries are abundant in solar resources. A solar
    cooker uses the freely, environmentally friendly, healthy and renewable solar energy resource as its
    energy source, thus indicating its economical and sustainability advantages. This paper demonstrates
    the possibility of using solar energy as an alternative to the traditional system of cooking local
    foodstuffs within the rural communities of North-East Nigeria. The cooker was designed and fitted
    with a black pot and an automatic tracking mechanism that can track the sun at 10° per hour,
    following the sun movement for use in tropical dry climates. Parboiled rice of 1kg each was cooked
    completely in 75 minutes at an average solar beam radiation of 623W/m2
    after attaining maximum
    temperature of 368K under clear weather condition. Whereas 1kg of beans and 1.1kg of yam were
    cooked in 90 minutes at an average solar beam radiation of 536.5W/m2
    and 430.1 W/m2
    The highest temperature reached for this test was 368K. The results indicated that a parabolic solar
    cooker can easily cook these varieties of Nigerian local dishes within the range of 75 to 90 minutes
    under the clear weather condition of Bauchi, north–east of Nigeria.
  4. Mohamed Shamaun Yushak, Nooh Abu Bakar, Khairur Rijal Jamaludin, Rozzeta Dolah
    A Shipyard in Malaysia has been trying to change, but facing employee Resistance to
    Change (RTC). Resistance is attributed to the poor coupling of tasks to its technical
    core, creating bad habits leading to thoughtlessness and neglect. Lewin’s Field Theory
    and Festinger’s Theory of Cognitive Dissonance was used to understand and identify
    the underlying behaviour of the employees. Lean principles were used as an in-depth
    intervention to understand how context provoked or shaped reactions. A Dual
    Imperative Action Research (AR) with the author as a participant researcher was
    conducted not only to create knowledge but also, change. To position the Shipyard in
    its historical context, face-to-face interview was conducted with managers to get thick
    description of the RTC and archaic documentations was reviewed. A survey using
    tested questionnaire was conducted to gauge the employees RTC disposition.
    Resistance is due to incoherency of a person’s belief to establish standards, giving rise
    to cognitive dissonance. These dissonances hidden as non-conscious behaviour, social
    habits or norms, lead the organisation to deterioration. Lean intervention reduce
    dissonance, creating psychological flow in the workforce and momentum for change.
    Thereby, the Shipyard managed to recover the delay of a ship undergoing a ship-life
    extension program and avoided liquidated damages amounting to RM63 million. The
    Shipyard also managed to reduce its average delay for ship repair from 17 to 6 months.
    The knowledge on how the researcher can gain utility from RTC and mediate through
    the application of Lean principles would be of considerable benefit to ‘change
  5. Norashady, M.N., Muhammad Aziz Shah, M.A., Eftah, M.A., Haniza, Y.
    The main intention of this research is to examine the content validity of Marine
    Engineer Personality Inventory or PERJURA for student candidates of Diploma in
    Marine Engineering course at Malaysian Polytechnics by using Content Validity Ratio
    (CVR). The assessment was conducted through the evaluation among 14 subject
    matter experts (SME) selected via judgment sampling. Seven professional university
    experts involved with the expertise in psychology, psychometric, educational
    measurement and linguistics. The field experts specializing in particular fields of study
    consisted of seven practitioners who worked in the polytechnics field and maritime
    industry. The instrument involved 288 items with six main constructs. The results of
    the research show that the instrument has a good content validity and proved that
    PERJURA has great potential to be promoted as a good measurement instrument of
    personality screening for Marine Engineering student selection process. It is
    recommended to apply more sophisticated statistical analysis, such as the Item
    Response Theory (IRT) model for elaborating on quality items.
  6. Talib, N., Yassin, S.F.M, Bunyamin, M.A.H.
    The purpose of this study is to explore the issues and challenges in integrating
    technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) for computer programming
    courses. This study employed the triangulation method of the case studies and
    Grounded Theory (GT). Twenty-five computer programming educators were
    interviewed via online such as e-mail, media social’s chatting and messaging
    application like WhatsApp and Telegram. The main issue discovered in this study is the
    misconception in using technology for teaching and learning computer programming.
    Besides that, there were two major challenges found in this study. The challenges are
    the instructors were not able to explore the rapid development of technology and this
    may cause the lack of technological pedagogical knowledge among them. They also
    showed the lack of knowledge about pedagogy and assessment for teaching and
    learning computer programming that relevant to the programming content. The
    research that has been done showed that TPACK model is very suitable to guide
    exploration about how educators make use of technology appropriate to the pedagogy
    and content. However, the exploration that has been done has limitation on how
    educators integrate student’s assessment on affective and instructional design
    implementation with TPACK. Therefore, this paper suggesting for the future study, in
    order that more exploration should be doing about how assessment on student’s
    affective and instructional design would be integrate with technology, pedagogy and
    content knowledge via TPACK model.
  7. Salah, S., Yusoff, Y.J.
    This paper examines the concept of reform in terms of religious, political and social
    aspects in PB Shelley’s literary works. Selections from Shelley’s poetry, prose, essay
    and drama are reconsidered to show the concept of reform in his works. This paper
    seeks to unravel Shelley’s skeptic revolutionary thoughts that were always
    misunderstood by the critics of his time. Shelley as a poet perpetuated his life as a
    reformer, yet his concept of reform was neglected and often downplayed because of
    his idealistic view of the world. However, the significance of Shelley's concept of reform
    merits, more reverence, or, at least, more critical consideration than any of the Great
  8. Ashari H, Soehod K
    This study seeks to investigate small and medium-sized enterprise Human Resource (HR) practitioners’ knowledge pertaining to legislated employment rights at the workplace as laid down by the Employment Act (EA) 1955. The EA provides a variety of individual employment rights covering protections of wages, statutory right to the general standard of working time, statutory right to rest day, public holidays, annual leave and sick leave, statutory right to employment security as well as female employee’s statutory right to paid maternity leave. The study also aims to determine whether HR practitioners’ level of knowledge concerning legislated employment rights differed significantly between age groups, years of experience, level of education and size of company. It also examined the nature of the relationship between the HR practitioners’ level of basic knowledge concerning legislated employment rights and their level of concern in making legally sound decisions in their administrative practice. In addition, it identified whether the HR practitioners’ level of basic knowledge pertaining to legislated employment rights correlate significantly with the size of the company where they are employed.
  9. Majid, M.K., Md Arif, M.S., Bakri, N.
    This research was perform to examine the dimension electronic service quality of
    Malaysia airline industries (low cost carrier) and the impact on customers perceived service
    satisfaction. This research employed convenience sampling procedure and questionnaire as
    method to gain data, 392 completed questionnaires were gathered from Malaysia airline
    industries (low cost carrier) website users. The Confirmatory Factor Analysis performed and
    indicated that five dimensions such as fulfilment, system availability, efficiency, site privacy
    and aesthetic and customizations were applicable to measure Malaysia airline industries
    (low cost carrier) e-SQ. The regression analysis performed showed that e-SQ dimensionfulfilment,
    system availability, efficiency, site privacy and aesthetic and customizations have
    a significant positive relationship exist between e-SQ dimension and perceived service
    satisfaction in the Malaysia airline industries (low cost carrier) website user. Future
    research recommendations to discuss on impact dimension of e-SQ regarding to recovery
    issue such as compensation, responsiveness and contact on customers perceived satisfaction
    in Malaysia airline industries (low cost carrier).
  10. Kadir, Z.A., R. Mohammad, N. Othman
    This Company is one of the largest multipurpose port in Malaysia which provides facilities
    and services to handle variety of cargoes ranging from containers, cars, break bulk cargoes, dry bulk
    cargoes and liquid bulk cargoes. The company divided into three main core business divisions which
    are Container Division, Conventional and Logistics Services and Marine Divisions. Based on Pareto
    analysis, Conventional & Logistics Services has the highest number of accidents with 75% of total
    number of accidents in year 2014. In this company, the trend analysis of accident keep increasing
    month by month. In this study using DMAIC approach, the objectives of this study is to improve safety
    performance by decreasing the number of accident focused on Conventional & Logistics Division by
    using six sigma approach. Six sigma is a quality tools for process improvement. It involved five phases
    which using many quality tools to identify problem and improves the process. The data being analysed
    by using statistical method and graph. As conclusion, the average number of accident decrease from
    7.33 to 7.25 and the trend analysis shows decline graph compared to before. Based on the hypothesis
    testing, using the p-value, it was found the shift pattern, safety culture (unsafe act unsafe condition
    report submission), accidents location, type of activity and contractors have significance impact to
    number of accident. Meanwhile, number of tonnage handled (productivity) and number of man-hour
    does not have significance impact to the number of accident. It was also found that there is no
    significance between numbers of accident happen at night shift, morning shift or afternoon shift. It can
    be concluded that, the six sigma approach are suitable method to analyse accident and can be a
    significance approach in determining the root cause of accident in the company.
  11. R. Mohammad, F. Sharifi, D. Sharifi, N. Othman, Z. A. Kadir
    Optimum design of HEN can cause significant reduction in the total cost of the plant.
    Targeting method using pinch analysis diagrams was presented to find out investment cost required
    and the period of return of the investment of optimization of the refinery system. This method can be
    done by knowing the amount of ΔTmin and by pointing the composite curve of saving vs investment (S-I
    curve).The targeting method is the modification of the system that need to be done to avoid movement
    of heat exchangers in order to minimize the return of the investment. This method can assist refineries
    management to make decision in order to optimize the refinery system.Result shows that refinery can
    reduce the temperature on the main tower until 9.65MW and the investment will be $360,000 with the
    time of the return cost being 7.7 months
  12. Ahmad Azahari, I.N.N., Wan Ahmad, W.F., Z. Jamaludin, Hashim, A.S., Abdul Aziz, N.S.
    Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the growth of mind, causing problematic measure in communicating, interacting, and social behaviour. Outstanding educational practices and rapid intermediation leads to vast improvement, as there is no remedy for autism. The main impairment of children with autism is their difficulty in social interaction. The main research is to recognize the effective learning approach in educating social interaction skills to children with autism using mobile technology. This paper presents the result of a engagement session of video modules to support social interaction training for children with autism. The modules are designed to be a part of a mobile application that will be developed based on the three basic interaction skills; Introducing Yourself, Emotions and Gestures. Engagement session was conducted where students with medium functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), aged 7-18 years watched the modules for social competence training during a single session. Outcome measures included an observation study of the student’s reactions towards the modules by two observers. The observers graded each student’s reactions using a ‘Social Skill Rubric’ that has five specific criteria to be scored. Results showed excellent acceptance of modules as well as strong preferences amongst them. The students revealed a range of different reactions towards the modules. However, mainly the modules do appeared to be effective in educating social interaction to children with autism as they are able to focus and enjoy in the learning process.
  13. Ahmed, Y.M., O. Yaakob, Koh, K.K., Mohd Zaini, M.F., Elbatran, A.H., Takeyeldei, M.M.
    The hydrodynamic characteristics of new design for artificial reef with low flow
    drag to provide suitable shelter for fishes and marine organisms in the Malaysian seas, were
    studied in this paper. The concept used in the design is based on the streamlined bicycle helmet
    design concept. The flow characteristics and the wave forces (FW) of the helmet and hollow
    cube artificial reefs (ARs) of the same volume have been studied at a water depth and wave
    celerties of Malaysia seas using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) RANSE (ReynoldsAveraged
    Navier-Stokes Eqs.) code Ansys Fluent. The Shear Stress Transport (SST) turbulence
    model was used in the RANSE code. The streamlined body of the helmet artificial reef provides
    flow zones with moderate flow speed at this area, which can help fishes and marine organisms
    to find good shelter. The special shape of the different openings in the body of the helmet
    artificial reef improves the condition of the flow velocity distribution inside the unit than that
    of the hollow cube unit, which can increase the amount of the nutrient to the living fishes and
    organisms inside the reef.
  14. Ghandvar, H., Idris, M.H., N. Ahmad
    Al-20%Mg2Si composite was in situ synthesized and modified by the addition of Ba and Bi;
    the microstructure of the resulting composites will be investigated. It is expected that the comodification
    with Ba and Bi effectively refined the morphology of Mg2Si which is attributed to the
    formation of fine Ba2Bi particles that acted as the heterogeneous nucleation sites for the primary Mg2Si
    particles, resulting in a refined distribution of these precipitates. Therefore, the addition of Ba and Bi
    can provide a better effect than only the addition of Bi or Ba separately.
  15. Hamid RA, Ungku Ahmad UN
    An increasing number of women participate in the work force due to socio-economic development result a big impact to work and family institution. Failure to meet demand for both work and family lead to work-family conflict that may give negative consequences on work and family. An example of major work-related outcome is burnout which can lead to turnover intention. Social support has been identified as an important resources that can reduce work-family conflict and burnout. This paper aims to identify the relationship between work-family conflict and turnover intention and also the mediation effect of burnout on work-family conflict and turnover intention relationship. It is proposed that there will be a positive relationship between work-family conflict and turnover intention and there is an indirect relationship between work-family conflict and turnover intention through the mediation effect of burnout. Social support from work and family is proposed to moderate the relationship between work-family conflict and burnout. Furthermore it is proposed that the strength of relationship between work-family conflict and turnover intention depends on the mediation effect of burnout and moderating effect of social support.
  16. Sharafatmandjoor, S., Nor Azwadi, C.S.
    The dynamics of a liquid droplet in a low gravitational field is examined using a finite
    difference/front tracking projection-based numerical technique. The unsteady, incompressible,
    viscous, immiscible multi-fluid, two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations for both the liquid and the
    gas are solved using the single-fluid model. The droplet deformation and the gas wake generation and
    oscillations phenomena is studied.
  17. Wan Ahmad, W.F., A. Sarlan, D. Al-Arabiat
    Mobile learning (M-learning) is considered as a development process of Electronic learning
    (E-Learning) that used to meet some of issues in E-learning such as wireless environment and
    accessibility. In spite of having many benefits and advantages for using M-learning, many challenges
    and issues still facing mobile learning technology to become a part of most of the Higher Education
    Institutions (HEIs) strategies. This paper aims to examine the barriers to M-learning adoption by HEIs
    in Malaysia. To do so, a quantitative research methodology was used in data collection. Online
    questionnaire was distributed by e-mail to 150 respondents in three universities. The result analysis
    brought out that mobile storage size, limitation of mobile memory and mobile battery life are the main
    barriers of using mobile in learning process.
  18. S. Qaiyum, Aziz, I.A., N. Haron
    With the rapid evolution of smart devices, ease of availability and accessibility of Internet
    application services, the demand of user's level of satisfaction are constantly growing. This creates
    challenges when mobile users in large quantity gather at confine places creating a scenario of highdensity
    wireless network environment (HDWN). Guaranteeing high quality of services (QoS) without
    proper understanding of user’s expectations and their Quality of Experience (QoE) may lead to over
    provisioning of resources. This poses different challenges to network service providers. Moreover,
    limited studies have been found relating to QoE in dense network. The objective of this paper is to
    develop mapping mechanism that maps QoS parameters onto QoE metrics in HDWN. This paper
    proposes fuzzy-genetic algorithm to map QoS-QoE based on the critical comparative analysis of
    different mechanisms. Preliminary analysis had been done based on mathematical model to establish
    the correlation between QoS parameters (delay and jitter) and QoE metrics (satisfaction) to determine
    the maximum and minimum impairment threshold. Further, the correlation between QoS-QoE had been
    evaluated with varying traffic load to determine the traffic load impact on QoE. Also the load threshold
    was found, that would help the network providers to take proper measure to maintain user’s satisfaction
    as the maximum threshold limit is reached.
  19. F. Mohd Fadzilah, Arshad, N.I.
    Mobile health (m-health) has become one of most concerned and developing areas in
    healthcare industry. There are large numbers of m-health application available in the market. Yet,
    neither theorist nor practitioners has discover or develop a framework in evaluating the impact of nonclinical
    m-health application. In healthcare industry, it is very important for an m-health application
    to be tested first before release to market, as this could lead to negative impact towards user especially
    patients. Money could be wasted and the m-health apps might not derived correct output. To avoid a
    failure in using non-clinical m-health application, the impact of using it need to be evaluated.
    Nonetheless, to come out with a proposed framework for m-health apps evaluation, the theories and
    results of the existing frameworks should be referred to. Thus, this research aimed to discuss on the
    previous frameworks that are possible to be used as reference in proposing the intended framework.
    The new developed framework is expected to be significant and valuable for all m-health developers
    and doctors in the design and use of non-clinical m-health application.
  20. A. Ahmad, A. Yaakob, Mohd, K.W., Mohd Awal, N.A., Samuri, M.A.A.
    The past decade has seen a growing recognition internationally that children have a right
    to participate in matters that affect their lives. In a family legal proceeding, it is in practice left to the
    discretion of a judge to decide whether the child is heard. Interviews have become the most common
    approach by family court judges in Malaysia to resolve problematic custody disputes. However, many
    family law practitioners believe that this can be detrimental to the children as the judges are not experts
    in child psychology and counselling. Hence, this article intends to critique the effectiveness of Sulh
    (mediation) procedure in resolving custody dispute (hadhanah) in the Syariah Court. Despite the
    importance of consulting the affected children, their views are rarely sought nor acknowledged within
    the judicial setting. Legal fraternity and parents play a significant influence on whether children’s are
    heard in court and Sulh chamber. There is a need for further research to explore legal professionals’ and parents’ perspectives on children’s active involvement in decision-making. This information could
    be used to develop guidelines that will assist professionals and parent in facilitating and supporting
    children’s participation.
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