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  1. M. N. Rashidi, Ara Begum, R., M. Mokhtar, Pereira, J. J.
    Acquisition of adequate and meaningful research data, as well as the appropriate analysis
    is important in ensuring the strategic direction and objectives of the study are well achieved. Data
    analysis is an important element in any study. Good data analysis is obtained from the study that is
    carefully planned based on an appropriate design, as well as the approach that is used in the process
    of analysing the data. The objective of the study to be conducted is to determine the weight of criteria
    for sustainable construction. Therefore, the right selection of data analysis is very important to ensure
    that the objectives are successfully achieved. This manuscript writing presents the description of the
    data analysis used in this study, by applying the Rasch measurement model to meet the objective. In
    addition, by using this measurement model, the importance of calibrating the measurement instruments
    are also highlighted, which involves separating the misfit raw data through the analysis to ensure
    statistically more accurate analytical results. Evaluation of the quality of the technical aspects for each
    of the involved item is very important in the measurement model. The analysis will be able to improve the reliability of the items which could indirectly serve the purpose of calibrating the instrument to
    ensure a more accurate measurement to produce a meaningful research.
  2. Che Sidik, N. A., Hashim, G. A.
    This paper studied the heat transfer in an asphalt solar collector with small scale geometry.
    Solar energy reaches the earth and consequently increases the temperature of the ground, which then
    leads to the increase of the temperature of the air. Water circulates through a series of pipes embedded
    in the asphalt pavement for the extraction of solar energy. The radiation in this study was produced
    from the top asphalt pavement. In this study, the temperature of the asphalt pavement decreased when
    solar energy was collected from the circulating water. This reduces the heat island effect in the city and
    decreases the power consumption for air conditioning. The temperature is distributed between the
    asphalt pavement and the inner pipes. Increase of the flow rate has a great influence on the energy
    collection by reducing the temperature of the asphalt pavement. The result of this test was obtained
    using a small-scale asphalt pavement, which showed a high amount of heat collected.
  3. Zulkifli, M. S., Said, M. F., Chong, C. W.
    This study was performed to review the conceptualization and relationships among user
    behaviour, system quality and intention to use eBidding, an eGovernment auction system with user
    satisfaction as the moderator. From the theoretical framework, user behaviour and system quality
    factors have significant relationships with the adoption of information system (IS). Empirical evidence
    also shows that satisfaction has a significant moderating effect on the relationship between system
    quality factors with the adoption of IS. Given the significant impact of behavioural factors of officials
    in eBidding adoption and role satisfaction on the intention and use of eGovernment system, system
    managers could introduce key changes in the workplace to increase satisfaction to address the problems
    of low eBidding adoption among users.
  4. T.R. Ibrahim, Jamil, M.M., Adamu, M.I., Hashim, G. A.
    In this paper, Reynolds average Navier stokes models simulation was computed
    with standard k-є, realizable k-є and SST k-w.The three models were proposed to forecast the
    turbulence flow behaviour inside a rectangular channel with two baffle plates. The geometry
    and the grid were generated using commercial CFD software fluent. The flow behaviours of
    three models were characterized based on positions of the entrance to the first baffle,
    positions between first and second baffle and lastly the second baffle. At the three different
    positions the three models studied have demonstrate differences in the velocity profiles and
    separation range. Comparison with previous literatures shows applicability of these three
    models to produce velocity profile characteristics and separation behaviours. Even though
    some of the models have shown slight deviation from the experimental results but in general
    the three models were considered to be in close agreement with most published literatures.
  5. Mat Salleh, N.S., Din, R., Abdul Manaf, S.Z., Hamdan, A., Karim, A.A.
    A questionnaire Usability Self Learning Module is developed to measure the overall
    development of the learning module Adobe Photoshop constructs involving three modules, module’s
    usability, applying theory of the cognitive load and minimalist. The study was conducted to produce
    empirical data on the reliability and validity of the Usability of Adobe Photoshop’s Module
    questionnaire using the Rasch Measurement Model. A survey was conducted on 120 participants who
    attended the course Adobe Photoshop using the modules studied. The questionnaire is distributed
    using one of the Web 2.0 technology platform, Google Docs. The reliability and validity of the
    Usability Adobe Photoshop’s module questionnaire were tested with the Rasch Measurement Model
    using the Winstep version program.The Rasch analysis showed that person reliability index
    is 0.87 and item reliability of 0.94. In term of item polarity, each item was able to contribute to
    measuring the effectiveness of the learning module development measurement since the PTMEA
    CORR exceeded 0.30, in specific between 0.50 to 0.78. There are 27 items in the questionnaire, which
    is divided into 3 different constructs. Each construct contains 7 to 11 items. The unidimensionality test
    conducted showed standardized residuals variance of 49.8%, with the biggest secondary dimension
    in the first constrast amounting variance of 6.5%. Item fit analysis showed that none of the items
    needed to be dropped since infit mean square values are between 0.73 and 1.39, and the outfit mean
    square values are between 0.70 and 1.40. Items in the questionnaires are ordered in a continuum of
    increasing intensity for the measurement of the Usability of Module construct. This shows the validity
    of the constructs in Usability of the module.The Rasch Measurement Model shows that the Usability
    of the Module has a high reliability and validity to be used for measuring the usability of the module
    and the application of cognitive load theory and the theory of minimalism
  6. Suriania, M.J., Alib, A., Khalina, A., Sapuan, S. M.
    In this study, fatigue failures of bio-composite materials were predicted due to
    manufacturing defects. Kenaf bast fibres were used to fabricate a bio-composite material with epoxy as
    a binding material. The bio-composites were manufactured by using a hand lay-up process. The defects
    in the Kenaf/epoxy bio-composite were determined by a non-destructive technique using Infrared
    thermal imager. Besides, the thermography analyses were verified via optical microscope and scanning
    electron microscope (SEM) investigations. Determinations of fatigue, as well as damage had been
    predicted, and it was found that the damage could be fixed with the predicted results.
  7. Parsazadeh, N., Ali, R.
    Despite of the advancement of technology in the present internet age, many college students
    lack the information and communication technology (ICT) literacy skills like evaluating those necessary
    to navigate, as well as using the information available today. Evaluating the quality of information
    sources encompasses students’ ability to determine relevance, accuracy, and overall credibility of
    sources and information. Moreover, the quality of information found online is extremely variable
    because anyone can post data on the internet, and not all online sources are equally reliable, valuable,
    or accurate. From a study conducted on diploma students’ assignments using rubric at an international
    university in Kuala Lumpur, it was found that there was a problem in digital information evaluation
    skills and lack of ability in using evaluation criteria, including authority, accuracy, currency,
    objectivity, and coverage on digital information, as well as sources among diploma students. The future
    work of this study will be the use of mobile devices in collaborative and interactive learning to improve
    digital information evaluation skills among diploma students. This approach does not only improve the
    students’ learning attitude, but also enhances the effectiveness of learning.
  8. Isa, N. M., Mohamad Rushdi, R.A., A. Sadikin, Basharie, S.M.
    A method based on Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) was used to analyse the flow
    behaviour in the Biodiesel reactor with 6-blade at 45° pitch blade turbines. The study, which was based
    on the turbulent flow, had been associated with three sizes of the blades installed in the reactor by using
    the standard k-ε turbulence model. The study also included the pitch blade turbines that were installed
    at three clearances from the bottom in the reactor by using the standard k-ε turbulence model. The
    results showed that the flow behaviours differed for the three various locations, which were installed at
    C=T/4, C=T/2, and C=3T/4 for D=T/3. The results also showed that the flow behaviour had been
    different for the three impeller diameters installed at C=T/4. Besides, good quantitative agreement for
    velocity distribution was obtained. Good velocity distribution in the reactor was produced by D=T/3.
    Moreover, a comparison between the three impeller diameters in terms of velocity distribution
    suggested that the discharge flow from the smaller impeller had stronger axial flow during the mixing
  9. Supri, A.G., Siti Hajar, M.D., Jalilah, A.J.
    Blends of poly (vinyl chloride) and poly (ethylene oxide) with the addition of carbon black
    as filler was prepared via solution casting technique to fabricate a conductive polymer film. Besides,
    poly (ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether) (PEGDE) was added into the formulation in order to improve its
    properties. The surface morphology of the conductive polymer film was characterized via scanning
    electron microscope (SEM). The results showed that the conductivity of the film was greatly enhanced
    by incorporating the PEGDE as the surface modifier in the PVC/PEO conductive polymer film.
  10. Razali, A.A., Sadikin, A.
    This paper presents a numerical simulation of flow in a microchannel heat sink. The channel
    was defined as a dimension with less than 1.0milimeter and greater than 100.0micrometer. The ANSYS
    CFX 2015 was used to predict the flow in the microchannel. Besides, simulations were undertaken to
    determine the flow of the fluid within the microchannel in three different models. Therefore, three
    different models were employed for this study. The first model was a square-shaped channel with 0.5mm
    width and 0.5mm height constructed along 28.0mm channel length. The second and the third models
    were in rectangular shape. The differences between these models were their width and height of
    channel. The dimension for the second model was 0.75mm height and 0.5mm width (rectangular A),
    while the dimension for the third model was 0.5mm height and 0.75mm width (rectangular B). All the
    microchannel heat sink models had been simulated and showed results for pressure, temperature, and
    velocity inside the microchannel. The results were compared for each model and the data had been
    validated from published data. In addition, the initial velocity was set in a range between 0.1m/s and
    0.5m/s. The highest pressure drop was recorded for the square microchannel. It was 58.12% higher
    than the pressure drop found in the rectangular microchannel with 0.75mm width, while 0.02% closer
    with the 0.75mm-height rectangular microchannel. Furthermore, there was a 33.34% of temperature
    difference, which had been higher for the square microchannel. Nevertheless, the highest velocity of
    0.57m/s was recorded at the outlet of the microchannel. These had been consistent with other published
  11. S. Suhaili, T. Watanabe
    Cryptographic algorithm has become one of the most important aspects in hardware
    implementation of embedded security system design. Message Digest (MD) is one of the cryptographic
    algorithms that can be used in any security design application. Nowadays, designing the high speed,
    low power, and small area implementation of cryptographic algorithms on reconfigurable hardware is
    one of the critical subjects for hardware application. The purpose of this paper had been to analyse the
    structure of MD5 hash function for high performance implementation in order to obtain small area
    implementation, as well as to increase the speed of the design on FPGA. In this paper, the frequency
    maximum for MD5 design with both grey and binary signal encoding is discussed. The results retrieved
    from the analysis showed that the differing results were caused by the switching bit of the signal input.
    Besides, the frequency maximum of MD5 that employed binary signal encoding provided the highest
    frequency maximum with smaller area implementation. By using grey signal encoding, the frequency
    maximum was almost similar to the MD5 binary signal encoding, but it suffered larger area
    implementation. On top of that, this research focused on timing and area implementation of the design,
    where TimeQuest timing analyser was applied to optimize the output of the desig
  12. Aqilah, A., Low, C.Y., Muthmainnah, N.
    This paper presents the work of investigating and comparing the uses of CRS and QTC Pills
    as a tactile sensor material for Robotic Hand application. The materials were tested for their resistivity
    characteristics to determine the data reproducibility of the materials. The experiments were conducted
    based on three parameters; the supply voltage, the separation gap, and the sensor construction against
    the force/ load that had been exerted onto the materials. The results showed that CRS could cover the
    lower loading range when compared to QTC Pills. However, the data reproducibility of QTC Pills was
    better compared to those of CRS, thus making it more suitable to be used as a material for tactile
    sensing application. Therefore, this paper highlights the potential of these two materials as a tactile
    sensing transducer, and later, can be used as a useful guideline when designing a tactile sensor with
    these materials.
  13. Suntharamurthy, R., A. Anuar, F. Mahamud
    This paper describes the process of designing a wheelchair with the main aim of making it
    compact and lightweight. A wheelchair is a common device used to assist in terms of mobility for those
    with difficulty to walk. Most conventional manual wheelchairs are heavy and bulky, even after they are
    folded. The designed wheelchair in this research is able to reduce the weight approximately by 30%.
    The wheelchair volume after folding is also reduced significantly. Besides, the designed wheelchair was
    evaluated by using 3D CAD software to analyse the strength and possible material failure. Moreover,
    a virtual mannequin was used to evaluate the geometry and the comfort of the design. On top of that, a
    scale down prototype was produced by using a 3D printer to evaluate the fold-ability function of the
  14. M. Mokhber, Tan, G.G., A. Vakilbashi
    This study aims to investigate the direct and indirect effect of entrepreneurial leadership
    on organization demand for innovation. Over the past years academic debates have mostly focused on
    individual’s demand for innovation while emphasizing on the organization's success in producing new
    products and services to individual customers. However the organizational customers and
    organization's demand to use innovation in day to day work has been generally neglected. Since
    previous studies identified leadership as an important determinant of innovation in the organization,
    this research proposes a conceptual framework to explore the effect of entrepreneurial leadership on
    organization’s demand for innovation. The success of entrepreneurial leadership depends not only on
    the behaviors of the leader, but also on the characteristics of their followers in demonstrating
    entrepreneurial behaviors. Therefore this study aims to examine the moderating role of follower’s
    reliance on social networks to recognize new opportunities on the relationship between
    entrepreneurial leadership and organization’s demand for innovation. A sample of Malaysia Top 100
    Companies participates in this research and the hypotheses are evaluated using Partial Least Squares
    (PLS) analysis. This research makes an important contribution by providing empirical evidences that
    may support entrepreneurial leaders and their firms to identify and generate more opportunities and
    enact them in ways that increase the organization's receptivity towards innovation
  15. Mohamad, M.M., Sulaiman, N.L., Sern, L.C., Mohd Salleh, K.
    – This study was performed to measure the gender equality involvement in Technical and
    Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program in one of the Malaysia Technical University
    Network (MTUN). The focuses of this study are general perspective in gender equality, men and
    women position in society, and sources of information about TVET. 200 respondents involving
    students and lecturers from various field of TVET programs involved in this study. Questionnaire was
    applied to gather the data information and descriptive analysis represent the findings. Result showed
    that most respondents strongly agree with men helping in the household were women, they are also
    aware about the national policies on gender equality in Malaysia, and for last section of survey,
    respondents agree that they choose studying in TVET program because the better job opportunities.
    In summary, there is no gender issue in Malaysia’s policy, position of work and opportunities in
    further education especially in TVET programs.
  16. Kathiravelu, S. R., Ramayah, T., Abu Mansor, N. N.
    Knowledge is Power - one of the most important sayings that demonstrate an individual’s
    growth and development to the highest level. Therefore, the goal of presenting this paper is to be able
    to impart an in-depth understanding pertaining to various notions about knowledge sharing (KS)
    presented in different institutions and also to raise some recommendations on how to improve
    knowledge sharing in Malaysia. Moreover, the content of this paper is geared on exploring insights in
    the Malaysian perspective of KS specifically in the public sector along with illustrating certain ways
    of effectively enhancing KS in a particular organization. The information that is presented in this
    paper were collected from various related literatures gathered from books, academic journals and
    articles. Findings from several literatures revealed that most public sector employees are reluctant to
    shared their knowledge as well as best practices, and this is regarded as the ultimate factors that
    leads to poor quality and inefficient in the service delivery. Through the useful highlights in this
    paper, it would provide beneficial information on contributing factor to enhance successful KS, not
    only the Malaysian public sector but also to other countries with similar public sector settings and
  17. Chin SN, Abdullah N, Poh LP
    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, disabling autoimmune disease which affects about 5 in 1000 people in Malaysia. Patients with RA are at increased risk of developing comorbid conditions. This research aims at determining these relationships between demographic, duration of illness and comorbidity in RA via a multiple binary logistic (MBL) regression analysis based on the 102 patients’ information (23 males; 79 females) obtained from the rheumatoid clinic of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu. The relationship of the RA patients with comorbid conditions was studied with focus on the demographic and duration of illness. The variables obtained for analysis were the comorbid conditions namely, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, age, duration of illness, gender, ethnicity, household income and education level. From six independent variables, two were quantitative would be analyzed, while four were categorical, and would be transformed into dummy variables. Four phases in a model-building approach were executed where two models were formed where Model I predicted the probability of occurrence of hypertension with age of patients and first order interaction between duration of illness before diagnosis and household income of less than RM1000 had positive effects on the model, while Model II predicted the occurrence of hyperlipidemia among the RA patients with age of patients and first order interaction variable between gender(female) and age were the contributing factors.
    Study site: Rheumatoid clinic, Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
  18. William, J.J., Chowdhury, I.A., Suki, N.M.
    Customer care centres of Telecom Industry play vital role in telecom business field last
    few years. The capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu is the place for telecom service providers to promote
    the best service and grab the market. In this geographical location, efficiency and service excellence
    are the two major goals for customer care centre as other part of Malaysia. Efficiency depends on
    speed and delivery that leads to get excellent service. The objectives of the research is to identify and
    explore the influential factors of the service experience in customer care centre for telecom industry in
    Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Based on the first part of the research, it was identified the critical
    factors of service experience of customer care centre to eliminate the rigidity of service near future in
    the industry. Questionnaire survey was used for this research because the research method was
    quantitative and experimental. Data were collected from the people who are attached with the
    customer care centre activities of telecom industry in that region in terms of usage of the product or
    seeking services through customer care centre. Results of this study show that how different factors
    influence and shape a better service experience and whether the factors have positive and significant
    influences on customer’s service experience in a customer care centre of this industry in Sabah. In
    total 18 questions were asked to answer to the 200 sample interviewee to get the real scenario of
    customer care centre in terms of service excellence. This study helps to find out the factors which
    affect the service experience in Customer Care Centre. The result indicates that three out of four
    factors have significant influence on Customer service experience in Telecom Industry in Sabah.
  19. A. Asraf, S. Sorooshian, Cheng , J.K.
    This article is in the form of a short tutorial discussion, presenting the logistic (logit)
    regression mathematical method. Logistic regression as one of the most popular modeling approach
    used in the research and decision makings, has its own specialty than other common linear regression
    method whereby the response variable is discrete and form of S-shaped. The paper starts with the short
    review of logistic regression method, formulation of the method and finally, authors’ conclusion is the
    last section of this paper
  20. A. Kinan, Che Sidik, N.A.
    Solar updraft tower power plant (SUTPP) is an alternative technology for electricity
    generating from solar energy. It’s suitable for use in remote area, where there is high potential of
    solar radiation, because the constructions are cheap and the technologies involved are conventional.
    This paper presents the design of a circular and square collector SUTPP to be used in rural areas of
    developing countries. The design involves heating air using solar energy and the tower effect to raise
    the hot air up the tower. From this study, a small scale solar updraft tower with 2m length in each
    side of solar collector, air inlet height of 0.1 m above the ground, an updraft tower of 1.5-meter-high
    with 2.0 m length of each side collector was studied to determine its performance. Anemometer and
    multimeter were used to measure the velocity and temperature along the collector and inside the
    tower. Solar radiation, ambient air temperature as well as air velocity inside the tower were also
    recorded. These data were taken every one hours in four days to investigate the performance of the
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