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  1. Salim, M. A., Wan Mohamad, W. M. F., Maksom, Z., Kamat, S. R., Sukarma, L., Putra, A., et al.
    This paper presents the housing improvement proposition in the Melaka resident area.Quality Function Deployment is used as a method to analyze customer behavior regarding customer requirement, satisfaction and comparison among the developers. By using this method, the main requirement by the buyer for their bungalow is their need of sufficient space to place their appliances in the house. At the end of the study, the details of buyer requirements are plotted into House of Quality, where it is believed to improve the quality of future bungalow house development in Melaka.
  2. Wong, K. Y., H. Mohamed Kamar, Mohd Zawawi, F., Kamsah, N.
    Healthcare facilities in a hospital has diverse indoor cleanliness due to the different health
    needs by the patients. Among the facilities, an operating room was identified as a critical space that
    required high cleanliness environment. In recent years, an ISO 14644-1 Standard of Class 1 to Class 7
    is prescribed in operating room for better particles concentration and airflow controlled. The objective
    of this article is to review the assessment of airborne particles transportation and airflow distribution
    in an operating room. This study shows that two main types of ventilation strategies have been widely
    installed to control airborne particles trajectory, namely unidirectional airflow system and mixing
    airflow system.
  3. Osman, M., Hassan, S., Wan Yusof, K.
    The use of a sprinkler irrigation system is becoming more popular to reduce water
    consumption and increase irrigation efficiency. Irrigation uniformity plays an important role in the
    performance of the sprinkler irrigation system. The use of low operating pressure instead of high
    operating pressure system offer many benefits including energy and water saving. An experimental
    study was performed using two systems; a square 12x12 m system and a rectangular 10x12 m system
    to investigate irrigation uniformity based on soil moisture content of the sprinkler irrigation system
    under low operating pressure. In addition, irrigation uniformity was compared based on water
    application and soil moisture content. In this study, different low operating pressures (62, 82, 102 and
    122 KPa) were selected. Different nozzle diameters (4, 5, 6 and 7 mm) and different riser heights (0.5,
    0.75, and 1.0 m) were also used. The soil moisture content uniformities of 10 min after irrigation are
    more dependent on the initial soil moisture content uniformity than any other design factor. It is also
    less influenced by water application uniformity.
  4. Mohamed, F., Jamil, M., Zain, M. F. M.
    – Today, the new valuation of sustainable materials in light of their ability to fulfill the
    requirements of sustainable development has raised the bar. The economic growth will result in
    increased material throughput as well as solid and hazardous waste generation. Understanding the
    life-cycle of materials management and monitoring materials consumption trends will provide the
    information in determination of how we can satisfy our materials needs at acceptable economic and
    environmental costs to assist both regionally and globally. This paper reviews the challenges for
    sustainable development from material aspect and the future prospect of the utilization of sustainable
    materials in construction industry. Policy designs together with steering mechanisms are required to
    facilitate and support further mainstream sustainability transitions. Besides the price system,
    regulatory framework and technical information, human mindsets must work together to enable and
    encourage life-cycle of materials management. Further research and development will not only provide
    innovative solutions to existing problems but will in particular offer new opportunities through the
    development of innovative materials to improve the quality of life.
  5. Bada, A. B., Karupiah, P.
    The use of automated teller machine (ATM) services by bank customers in Sokoto State,
    Nigeria depends on the level of trust they have towards its operating nature. The positive or negative
    perception that bank customers’ develop towards trust tends to determine their level of ATM usage.
    Therefore, this article adopted the following factors (attitude towards behaviour, intention behaviour,
    actual usage, perceived ease of use and usefulness) from technology acceptance model (TAM) to assess
    their influence on customers’ trust in the use of ATM services in Sokoto State, Nigeria. Correlation
    analysis was conducted on 300 customers of some selected banks (Guaranty Trust Bank, Zenith Bank,
    First Bank, Eco Bank and Mainstreet Bank) in Sokoto State, Nigeria. The result shows that attitude
    towards behaviour, intention behaviour, actual usage, perceived ease of use and usefulness has a
    significant and positive relationship with customers’ trust in the use of ATM services in Sokoto State,
  6. Nordin, N., Razak, R. C.
    High quality of product and service is always demanded by customers. Conversely, poor
    quality of product and service will result with customer dissatisfaction. However, this linear
    relationship is no longer accurate due to the complexity nature of customer needs. Non-linear
    relationship should be considered for more accurate evaluation of customer needs. This paper
    presents a concept of Kano model and Quality Function Deployment (QFD) integration to evaluate
    the non-linearity of customer needs towards the quality of products or services. By a case study, the
    developed Kano-QFD model is validated with the theory of Kano model and found to have well
    agreement. Further application for product development is recommended for future research.
  7. Bakar, M. S. A., Ahmad, S., Muchtar, A., Rahman, H. A .
    Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are efficient and clean power generation devices. Lowtemperature
    SOFC (LTSOFC) has been developed since high-temperature SOFC (HTSOFC) is not
    feasible to be commercialized due to cost. Lowering the operation temperature reduces its substantial
    performance resulting from cathode polarization resistance and overpotential of cathode. The
    development of composite cathodes regarding mixed ionic-electronic conductor (MIEC) and ceriabased
    materials for LTSOFC minimizes the problems significantly and leads to an increase in
    electrocatalytic activity for the occurrence of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Lanthanum-based
    materials such as lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite (La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ) have been discovered
    recently, which offer great compatibility with ceria-based electrolyte to be applied as composite
    cathode materials for LTSOFC. Cell performance at lower operating temperature can be maintained
    and further improved by enhancing the ORR. This paper reviews recent development of various ceriabased
    composite cathodes especially related to the ceria-carbonate composite electrolytes for
    LTSOFC. The influence of the addition of metallic elements such as silver (Ag), platinum (Pt) and
    palladium (Pd) towards the electrochemical properties and performance of LSCF composite cathodes
    are also discussed.
  8. Salimi, S., Kianpour, E., Fazeli, A.
    Gas turbine cooling can be classified into two different schemes; internal and external
    cooling. In the internal cooling method, the coolant provided by compressor is forced into the cooling
    flow circuits inside turbine components. Meanwhile, for the external cooling method, the injected
    coolant is directly perfused from coolant manifold to save downstream components from hot gases.
    Furthermore, in the latter coolant scheme, coolant is used to quell the heat transfer from hot gas stream
    to a component. There are several ways in external cooling. Film cooling is one of the best cooling
    systems for the application on gas turbine blades. This study concentrates on the comparison of
    experimental, computational and numerical investigations of advanced film cooling performance for
    cylindrical holes at different angles and different blowing ratios in modern gas turbines.
  9. Hamid, R. A., Mohd Amin, S.
    This study was performed to review the experience of work-family conflict and work-family
    enrichment with social support as the moderator. Work-family conflict or enrichment occurs when
    behaviours, moods, stresses, and emotions from work bring bad or good effects into family. Social
    support has been seen as an important factor to assist employees with their role at work and at home.
    This will reduce work-family conflict among the employees and achieve positive level of inter-role
    between work and family, which is work-family enrichment. The review provides evidence that social
    support may be helpful in improving the quality of work-family life of employees.
  10. Fazeli, A., Bakhtvar, F., Jahanshaloo, L., Nor Azwadi, C. S.
    Evidence on rising global temperature, melting of ice caps, and withdrawal of glaciers
    brings attentions to the enhancement of energy efficiency in energy intensive industries. Having a
    realistic comparison between one plant and the best practice technology (BPT) in operation in the field
    helps significantly to distinguish and diagnose the potentials where measures towards energy efficiency
    improvement would be applicable. In this regard, for manufacturing industries, one of the most widely
    used energy benchmarking tools is the Energy Benchmark Curve. An energy benchmark curve plots the
    efficiency of plants as a function of the total production volume from all similar plants or as a function
    of the total number of plants that operate at that level of efficiency or worse. This paper reviews the
    methodology through which the benchmark curve is obtained for a specific industry followed by a
    comparison of energy intensity for the iron and steel industry among China and the US. According to
    the international energy benchmark curve for the iron and steel industry, the savings potentials per ton
    of crude steel for the US. and China have been respectively 4.1 and 7.1 gigajoule comparing with the
    BPT in the field. Finally, an overview over certain measures to enhance efficiency of such plants is
  11. Tey, W. Y., Nor Azwadi, C. S.
    This paper presents the historical development of description on how the flapping
    hydrodynamics of fishlike structure grows from infancy to the current state. The paper divides the
    development into four phases; the Inception Phase, the Frozen Phase, the Revival Phase and the
    Discovery Phase. The key quintessential characteristics that mark the advancement of different phase
    would be highlighted and elucidated, with some consolidating comments on the future trends of
    research areas.
  12. Mohd Yusak, M. I., Putra Jaya, R., Hainin, M. R., Wan Ibrahim, M. H.
    Porous concrete technology has been used since 1970s in various parts of the United States
    as an option in complex drainage systems and water retention areas. Porous concrete pavements have
    become popular as an effective stormwater management device to control stormwater runoff in
    pavement. Porous concrete pavement is being used as one of the solutions to decrease the stormwater
    runoff by capturing and allowing rainwater to drain into the land surface. The main problem of porous
    concrete pavement is its strength. The objective of this paper is to review the use and performance of
    nano silica in porous concrete pavement and previous laboratory study on porous concrete pavement.
    From the literature review, it was found that the conventional porous concrete pavement does not have
    good strength for pavement purpose. An addition of nano-material will improve the physical and
    chemical properties of porous concrete pavement. To improve the strength of the porous concrete,
    various additives have been studied as a part of porous concrete mix and yet, the optimum condition to
    produce good porous concrete has still not been established. From the previous study, it was found that
    in preparing the porous concrete laboratory specimen, the use of standard Proctor hammer (2.5 kg)
    and pneumatic press (70 kPa compaction effort) resulted in the closest properties to the field porous
  13. Rashidi, M. N., Begum, R. A., Mokhtar, M., Pereira, J. J.
    Malaysia is experiencing an encouraging socio-economic development, especially in its
    quest towards Vision 2020 and achieving the status as a developed country. The success can be
    attributed to the government’s efforts and commitment in developing projects, which include the
    construction of new townships and public infrastructures. Through the implementation of
    Environmental Management Plan (EMP) during the construction phase, the government has taken
    great efforts and initiatives to ensure that construction projects are well-developed in a sustainable
    manner. Unfortunately, these rapid physical developments affect and pollute the surrounding
    environment, even though EMP is implemented at the construction site. The effectiveness of
    sustainable construction methods in the plan has been found to be very limited in the actual industrial
    practice. Hence, this paper aims to determine the important criteria needed to be incorporated into
    EMP in enhancing and ensuring its effectiveness in managing environmental aspects during the
    construction stage.
  14. Rabia Qammar, Yusnidah Ibrahim, Md. Mahmudul Alam
    Dividend policy is one of the most important element to measure changes in stock
    prices. The relationship between dividend policy and stock price volatility shows
    different results based on different studies. This paper focuses on the relationship
    between dividend policy and stock price volatility through seminal literature on both
    theoretical and empirical evidences from 1989 to 2016. The various consequences of
    this relationship depend upon each country specific characteristics, different data
    sample and different methodology techniques which utilized by researchers in
    developed and developing countries. Most of the studies found negative relationship
    between dividend policy and stock price volatility, while developed countries have
    more impact on this relationship as compared to developing countries. Based on the
    prior literature, this paper argues that the relationship between dividend policy and
    stock price volatility is inconsistent and the organization needs to decide the dividend
    policy according to their capability and organizational culture.
  15. Hazura Haroon, Siti Sarah Khalid
    This paper provides a qualitative overview of different Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS),
    which play important role in the field of sensors due to their excellent
    characteristics, spontaneous response and easy handling system. The current
    state of the art of optical fiber technology is reviewed, namely based on its main
    characteristics and sensing advantages. In addition, the working principle of OFS
    and their applications are discussed, particularly for sensor employment.
  16. Alice Sabrina Ismail, Mohd Muizzudin Muslim
    The purpose of this paper is to propose appropriate sustainable design solution for a
    suitable housing architectural design that responds towards ecological needs vital for
    a comfortable home living environment. This paper is vital as there are many arising
    issue relating to middle income housing development involving comfort quality that
    need much attention from various parties. Past literature on middle income housing
    development in Malaysia focuses on limited areas of study. These are quality of
    communal living in settlements; neighbourhood facilities and its effectiveness; crime
    prevention through housing design; dwelling support services; policy making on
    housing ownership; corporate social responsibility on housing development from
    developer’s and buyer’s perspective; efficient housing construction system; waste
    management in residential areas; the increment of housing price and related factors
    as well as documentation on factors that hinders the implementation of sustainable
    technology in middle income housing schemes. None of the above literature discusses
    on how to implement ecological approach in home design. This research analyses the
    home users’ perception from direct observation and questionnaires on two selected
    case studies of middle income housing located in two major cities in Malaysia’s urban
    context to establish appropriate ecological home design attributes for future
    referencing. Findings indicate there are four key factors that contributed in the
    development of ecology housing for the benefit of occupants which are suitable
    structure usage, placement of building; proper openings, application of building
    fenestration and appropriate landscape. The established referential guideline design is
    of benefit for future designers, builders, developer and related authority to build
    comfortable homes in the future.
  17. Ariffin Samsuri, Zainal Zakaria, Kamal Hafez Manaf, Issham Ismail
    Production Sharing Contract (PSC) is one of the petroleum agreements mode that
    are being utilized in many parts of the world in enabling exploration, development
    and production of the petroleum resources at the respective locations. It was first
    introduced in Indonesia in 1966, and followed by Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and
    Brunei. One of interesting aspects of PSC management is the operatorship
    transferhandling when a PSC is nearing its expiry. When the time come, the
    current PSC contractor as operator has the option to relinquish it to the host
    authority to be handed over to other operator, farm it out to the other PSC
    contractor to reduce the risk exposure or continue operating under a new PSC
    terms. The most challenging will be to relinquish the operatorship to another
    operator whereby several complexities will need to be adequately addressed to
    ensure benefit preservation to the host authority, incoming operator and
    outgoing operator. Therefore there is a need to adhere to key factors or enablers
    to administer the operatorship transfer exercise if it occurs in the near future. The
    key enablers would be able to address the operatorship transfer exercise
    effectively with the objective to alleviate complications to the host authority,
    outgoing operator and incoming operator. With the emphasized in the PETRONAS
    Procedure & Guideline for Upstream Activities together with three case studies,
    this paper proposed several key enablers to be considered for a PSC successful
    operatorship transfer which is human resources, data management, asset
    reliability and integrity management, supply chain management and good
    relationship between parties. With identified key factors, it is hoped that any PSC
    operatorship transfer will be able to be managed smoothly and will ensure
    benefits to all parties concerned.
  18. Nur Azriati Mat, Aida Mauziah Benjamin, Syariza Abdul-Rahman
    The selection of landfill, which happens to be an environmental issue, has attracted
    the attention of many researchers from the fields of waste management and
    environmental sciences worldwide. Hence, in the attempt to overcome this problem,
    some decision-making techniques, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), have been widely utilized in prior studies,
    where multiple criteria, particularly in site selection process, have been employed.
    With that, this article identifies the selection criteria for landfill selection and presents
    a review concerning decision-making techniques that have been used in past studies
    for two important phases involved during the process of site selection, namely, (1)
    preliminary site screening, and (2) assessment of site suitability. As such, some 82
    articles chosen from 34 peer-reviewed journals had been investigated in detail. The
    results showed that 42.68% of the selected articles integrated GIS and MCDA
    techniques to solve the problem of landfill site selection, and this is followed by
    integrating GIS and fuzzy MCDA technique (18.29%). Both these techniques are indeed
    powerful tools that can guide decision-makers to solve problems in making decisions
    on the basis of various criteria under certainty and uncertainty results, mainly involving
    environmental issues.
  19. Muhamad Amin Abd Wahab, Rubita Sudirman, Camallil Omar
    Offering inexpensive, widely available and safe method to evaluate the bone condition
    as a prevention step to predict bone fracture which caused by Osteoporosis disease
    makes ultrasound becomes an alternative method beside X-ray based bone
    densitometry. Conventional quantitative ultrasound (QUS) applies the analysis of
    attenuation and velocity to estimate bone health with several measurement
    techniques which analyzes different types of ultrasound waves and bones. However,
    most of the QUS results still does not match the accuracy of the Dual X-ray
    absorptiometry due to the interaction of ultrasound and bone microstructure are not
    fully exploited. The Biot’s theory has predicted that, porous medium like a cancellous
    bone supporting two types of longitudinal wave known as fast and slow wave which
    depends on the type of medium travelled. Both experiment and simulation were
    conducted to investigate the correlation of fast and slow waves individually with a
    variety of cancellous bone condition. Some of the analysis methods are based on
    conventional QUS methods. The fast and slow wave relates more to the microstructure
    of the cancellous bone compared to overall waves. In addition, overall waves had been
    proven to consist of fast and slow wave and can be separated using Bayesian methods.
    Overall waves also found to suffer artifact such as phase cancellation and negative
    dispersion that could cause confusion in analyzing the parameters of ultrasound wave
    with bone structure. In vivo application based on fast and slow wave analysis is able to
    produce results based on mass density which can be compared directly and have high
    correlation with X-ray based bone densitometry. The recent backscattered simulation
    result indicates that, fast and slow waves can be reflected inside the cancellous bone
    might offer a new method to evaluate bone especially in crucial skeletal parts.
  20. Ahmed Dahiru Balami, Musa Mohammed Baba
    Hypertension is a condition associated with adverse vascular complications. Its
    prevalence is on the increase globally and same is true for Nigeria. Very few studies
    have assessed the prevalence, awareness, treatment and blood pressure control
    among hypertensive patients in Nigeria. The few available studies generally show
    figures less than 50% for all the three indicators of success with regards to
    hypertension. These studies are however deficient in their coverage, country
    representativeness and methodology, and as such, they fail to provide the evidence
    for which conclusions can be drawn. There is need to intensify blood pressure
    screening at both hospital and community levels. More comprehensive research with
    wider coverage and sound methodologies are also needed to determine those
    associated factors and to discover better treatment options for hypertension in
    Nigeria. These findings would guide health promotion activities and policy making.
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