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  1. Yaroko A, Mohamad I, Hashim H
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(1):30-2.
    PMID: 25606296 MyJurnal
    Rhinoliths result from neglected nasal foreign bodies that gradually increase in size. They are usually discovered incidentally during routine ENT examination or due to the associated symptoms such as nasal obstruction or persistent foul-smelling unilateral nasal discharge. A case of a 14-year-old girl was reported with a year history of the symptom. The foul-smelling nasal discharge noted by her mother was not the main concern to them. She was referred by her primary care physician as she complained of impacted ear wax. However, rhinolith was incidentally found upon routine clinical examination in the ENT clinic and was removed uneventfully.
  2. Leelavathi M, Noorlaily MN
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(1):2-7.
    PMID: 25606290 MyJurnal
    Fungal infection of the nail is a common condition that causes much concern because of its disfiguring appearance. Although specific treatment is available for this condition, treatment outcome is variable and persistent nail dystrophy post-treatment may cause distress to both the patient and the physician. This article describes the current available treatment options for onychomycosis, management approach and the expected treatment outcome to enhance primary care physicians' confidence in managing this condition. Oral antifungal agents such as terbinafine and itraconazole are good treatment options for onychomycosis. Combination therapy using oral antifungal agents with topical lacquer preparations may provide added benefits. Evaluation of patient's expectations, providing information on treatment outcome, clinical cure and recurrence rates are essential in the management of onychomycosis. This article is intended to guide primary care physicians to achieve realistic treatment goals and for a satisfactory experience in the overall management of this challenging condition.
  3. Mohamad I, Johan K, Hashim H, Nik Othman N
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(1):28-9.
    PMID: 25606295 MyJurnal
    Otitis externa is a common condition of the ear. It is manifested as narrowing of the lumen owing to the edematous swelling of the ear canal lining. Perichondritis may occur independently or as a complication of the otitis externa. We report a case of perichondritis after using a topical ear drop. Changing the medication provides immediate resolution of the condition.
  4. Hasliza AH, Tohid H, Loh KY, Santhi P
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):49-51.
    PMID: 27099661 MyJurnal
    Dengue infection is highly endemic in many tropical countries including Malaysia. However, neurological complications arising from dengue infection is not common; Gullain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is one of these infrequent complications. In this paper, we have reported a case in which a 39-year-old woman presented with a neurological complication of dengue infection without typical symptoms and signs of dengue fever. She had a history of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) followed by an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) weeks prior to her presentation rendering GBS secondary to the post viral URTI and AGE as the most likely diagnosis. Presence of thrombocytopenia was the only clue for dengue in this case.
  5. Manmohan S, Dzulkarnain A, Nor Azlin ZA, Fazir M
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):55-8.
    PMID: 27099663
    Bertolotti's syndrome must be considered as a differential diagnosis for lower back pain in young people. Treatment, whether conservative or operative, is still debatable. In this paper, we report a case of a 20-year-old girl presenting with lower back pain for 8 years. We administered injection with local anaesthetic and steroid injections within the pseudo-articulation; however, the pain was relieved for 3 weeks. Surgical excision of the pseudo-articulation successfully treated her back pain and the sciatica.
  6. Zainuddin N, Abdullah O
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):52-4.
    PMID: 27099662 MyJurnal
    Discharging ear is a common symptom in the primary care and private general clinics. Most of the cases are treated with the antibiotic ear drops for otitis externa or otitis media. However, despite an adequate standard therapy, a malignant tumour can also be present with non-specific symptom such as ear discharge, especially in the case of persistent ear discharge. In this paper we have reported a case of an adult woman presented with non-resolving ear discharge who was treated repeatedly with antibiotic ear drop, which was later diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma.
  7. Tan KC, Chan GC, Eric H, Maria AI, Norliza MJ, Oun BH, et al.
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):9-21.
    PMID: 27099657 MyJurnal
    Background: The incidence of diabetes mellitus is ever increasing. Individuals with diabetes mellitus may have concurrent mental health disorders and are shown to have poorer disease outcomes. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress (DAS) in diabetes patients aged 20 years or more in the primary care setting.
    Methods: This was a cross-sectional study involving the use of self-administered questionnaire conducted in eight primary care private and government clinics in Pulau Pinang and Melaka, Malaysia. The validated DASS-21 questionnaire was used as a screening tool for the symptoms of DAS. Prior permission was obtained from the patients and, clearance from ethical committee was obtained before the start of the study. Data analysis was done using SPSS statistical software.
    Results: A total of 320 patients with diabetes from eight centres were enrolled via convenience sampling. Sample size was calculated using the Kish’s formula. The prevalence of DAS among patients with diabetes from our study was 26.6%, 40% and 19.4%, respectively. Depression was found to be significantly associated with marital status and family history of DAS; anxiety was significantly
    associated with monthly household income, presence of co-morbidities and family history of DAS; and stress was significantly associated with occupation and family history of DAS.
    Conclusions: The prevalence of DAS was higher in patients with diabetes compared with the general community. We recommend to routinely screen all patients with diabetes using the DASS-21 questionnaire because it is easy to perform and inexpensive.
  8. Ahmad SM, Aznal SS, Tham SW
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):2-8.
    PMID: 27099656 MyJurnal
    The objective of this paper was to determine the prevalence of overactive bladder syndrome (OABS) and its risk factors among patients with other gynaecological problems.
  9. Chew BH, Mukhtar F, Mohd Sidik S, Paimin F, Hassan NH, Jamaludin NK
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):22-35.
    PMID: 27099658 MyJurnal
    INTRODUCTION: Diabetes-related distress (DRD) refers to patient's concerns about diabetes mellitus, its management, need of support, emotional burden and access to healthcare. The aim of this study was to translate and examine the psychometric properties of the Malay version of the 17-item Diabetes Distress Scale (MDDS-17) in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D).
    METHODS: A standard procedure was used to translate the English 17-items Diabetes Distress Scale into Malay language. We used exploratory factor analysis (EFA) with principal axis factoring and promax rotation to investigate the factor structure. We explored reliability by internal consistency and 1-month test-retest reliability. Construct validity was examined using the World Health Organization quality of life-brief questionnaire, Morisky Medication Adherence Scale, Patient Health Questionnaire and disease-related clinical variables.
    RESULTS: A total of 262 patients were included in the analysis with a response rate of 96.7%. A total of 66 patients completed the test-retest after 1 month. EFA supported a three-factor model resulting from the combination of the regimen distress (RD) and interpersonal distress (IPD) subscales; and with a swapping of an item between emotional burden (EB; item 7) and RD (item 3) subscales. Cronbach's α for MDDS-17 was 0.94, the combined RD and IPD subscale was 0.925, the EB subscale was 0.855 and the physician-related distress was 0.823. The test- retest reliability's correlation coefficient was r = 0.29 (n = 66; p = 0.009). There was a significant association between the mean MDDS-17 item score categories (<3 vs ≥3) and HbA1c categories (<7.0% vs ≥7.0%), and medication adherence (medium and high vs ≥low). The instrument discriminated between those having diabetes-related complication, low quality of life, poor medication adherence and depression.
    CONCLUSION: The MDDS-17 has satisfactory psychometric properties. It can be used to map diabetes-related emotional distress for diagnostic or clinical use.
  10. Boo WH, Rajan P, Ching SM, Lee PY
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):45-8.
    PMID: 27099660 MyJurnal
    Juvenile recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (JRRP) is a rare condition. The varied presentation of this condition predisposes to misdiagnosis and potential life-threatening airway obstruction. In this paper, we have reported a case of JRRP presenting as severe respiratory distress and consequently mistreated as asthmatic attack culminating in a near fatal acute airway obstruction.
  11. Cheong AT, Sazlina SG
    Malays Fam Physician, 2015;10(2):36-44.
    PMID: 27099659 MyJurnal
    Hill-Bone compliance to high blood pressure therapy scale (HBTS) is one of the useful scales in primary care settings. It has been tested in America, Africa and Turkey with variable validity and reliability. The aim of this paper was to determine the validity and reliability of the Malay version of HBTS (HBTS-M) for the Malaysian population.
  12. Jaafar R, Mohamad I
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(1):25-7.
    PMID: 25606294 MyJurnal
    Unilateral vocal cord palsy secondary to thoracic aortic aneurysm is a rare occurrence. Direct compression of the enlarging thoracic aneurysm on the left recurrent laryngeal nerve causes neuronal injury of the nerve, which is manifested as hoarseness. We present a rare case of unilateral vocal cord palsy in a 60-year-old healthy gentleman caused by a large thoracic aortic aneurysm. This rare presentation, with a serious underlying pathology might be misdiagnosed or delayed. Therefore, it is important for us to have high index of suspicion in cases with a rare presentation such as this.
  13. Ng HK, Yaakub A, Ong LB
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(3):42-8.
    PMID: 26425305 MyJurnal
    Full thickness macular hole is an eye disease, which can cause permanent visual impairment. Current advancement in vitreoretinal surgery has high success rates in repairing them, leading to a significant visual improvement, especially if patient presents early. In this article, three cases of idiopathic full thickness macular hole with different visual outcomes have been presented. All cases were referred by the primary care practitioners and had undergone macular hole surgery with the same vitreoretinal surgeon. The visual outcome was best in the patient who had the earliest presentation and referral. Early detection and referral of these patients is vital so that early surgical intervention can be carried out to improve their vision.
  14. Radzniwan MR, Tohid H, Ahmad S, Mohd AF, Md Anshar F
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(3):38-41.
    PMID: 26425304 MyJurnal
    Managing chronic cough is diagnostically challenging especially in primary care. This case report highlights the difficulties experienced in approaching a case of chronic cough from a primary care perspective. The discussion also involves the clinical significance and treatment dilemma of M. fortuitum chelonae complex that was isolated from the sputum cultures of an elderly woman who presented with chronic cough for more than a year.
  15. Norlehan AS, Aisyah MZ, Rozimah O, Lee PY, Ng CJ
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(2):34-40.
    PMID: 25883763
    Continuous professional development (CPD) is an important aspect of a medical practitioner's career. AIMing to be at par with other developed countries for high quality of professional practice, Malaysia is planning to implement compulsory CPD for the doctors.
  16. Lum LCS, Ng CJ, Khoo EM
    Malays Fam Physician, 2014;9(2):2-10.
    PMID: 25893065 MyJurnal
    Dengue is a common cause of illness seen in primary care in the tropical and subtropical countries. An understanding of the course of disease progression, risk factors, recognition of the warning signs and look out for clinical problems during the different phases of the disease will enable primary care physicians to manage dengue fever in an appropriate and timely manner to reduce morbidity and mortality.
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