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  1. Berry PY, Aziz bin Hassan A
    PMID: 4737282
    MeSH terms: Age Factors; Animals; Female; Fishes*; Intestines; Lethal Dose 50; Liver; Muscles; Organ Size; Ovary; Ovum; Skin; Tissue Extracts/toxicity*; Mice
  2. Matsuura S, Kunii T, Iinuma M
    Yakugaku Zasshi, 1973 Nov;93(11):1517-9.
    PMID: 4798539
    MeSH terms: Flavonoids/isolation & purification*; Plant Extracts/analysis
  3. Woon TH
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):13-16.
    MeSH terms: Mental Disorders; Depression; Humans
  4. Wong HS
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):6.
    MeSH terms: Physicians; Physicians, Family; Singapore
  5. Tan TH
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(2):19-20.
    MeSH terms: Sex Education
  6. Sathiah R
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):4.
    Foreward, by Founding President, R Sathiah, in the inaugural issue of the Family Practitioner
    MeSH terms: Humans
  7. Puvan IS
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(2):16-18.
    MeSH terms: Infertility
  8. Param Palam S
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):9-12.
    MeSH terms: Family Practice; History of Medicine; Malaysia; Physicians, Family; History, 20th Century; General Practitioners
  9. Thevarajah KA, Menon KA
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):20-1.
    MeSH terms: Ovarian Cysts*; Pain; Rupture
  10. Kuah KB
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(2):24.
    MeSH terms: Contraception
  11. Kuah KB
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(2):4-6.
    MeSH terms: Menopause
  12. Juggi JS
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(2):8-15.
    MeSH terms: Bilirubin
  13. Chan JS
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):16-18.
    MeSH terms: Travel
  14. Chan JS
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):19.
    MeSH terms: Cholera Vaccines
  15. Balasundaram R
    Family Practitioner, 1973;1(1):8.
    MeSH terms: Family Practice; Malaysia; Primary Health Care; Research
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