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  1. Balakrishnan S, Hussein HB
    PMID: 585738
    MeSH terms: Breast Feeding*; Female; Humans; Infant; Malaysia; Rural Population
  2. Kueppers F, Ganesan J
    Biochem Genet, 1977 Oct;15(9-10):817-23.
    PMID: 412492
    alpha1-Antitrypsin types were determined in 200 individual specimens of Malaysian Macaca irus. We found the pattern B in 76 samples, BC in 116, and C in 8. Assuming that these patterns are determined by codominant alleles at one locus, this distribution constitutes a significant (P less than 0.001) deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, because of an excess of BC and low prevalence of C. We found no clear evidence for the presence of alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency comparable to the situation in man.
    MeSH terms: Alleles; alpha 1-Antitrypsin/genetics*; Animals; Haplorhini; Genes, Dominant; Macaca/genetics*; Phenotype; Polymorphism, Genetic*
  3. Yong SL, Prathap K
    Aust N Z J Surg, 1977 Apr;47(2):216-20.
    PMID: 267467
    Eight cases of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis occurring in an oriental population are reported. The patients were mostly middle-aged, and there was a female preponderence. Nephrectomy controlled the disease in all cases. Diagnosis on clinical and radiological grounds is difficult, and it is often only made on pathological examination of the kidney after nephrectomy. The nature of the disease remains obscure.
    MeSH terms: Adult; Aged; Female; Granuloma/pathology; Humans; Kidney/pathology; Male; Middle Aged; Nephrectomy; Pyelonephritis/diagnosis; Pyelonephritis/pathology*; Pyelonephritis/surgery; Xanthomatosis/pathology
  4. Woon TH
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2(8):109-111.
    MeSH terms: Humans; Malaysia; Marital Therapy*
  5. Watson D, Watson R
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:44-46.
    MeSH terms: Primary Health Care
  6. Vijendran M, Menon KA
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2(7):28-29.
    MeSH terms: Clindamycin; Humans
  7. Underwood T
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2(6):8-12.
    MeSH terms: Hypertension
  8. Teoh SK
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:25-27.
    MeSH terms: Breast Feeding; Immunization
  9. Tan FEH
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2(8):49-51.
    MeSH terms: Physicians, Family; Sex Education
  10. Tan FEH
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:20-24.
    MeSH terms: Emergencies
  11. Suleiman AB
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:71-72.
    MeSH terms: Proteinuria
  12. Ruby M
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:47-48.
    MeSH terms: Breast; Breast Feeding; Primary Health Care
  13. Robinson PH
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:28-30.
    MeSH terms: Physicians; Physicians, Family; Primary Health Care; General Practitioners
  14. Rajan VS
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:39-43.
    MeSH terms: Health Education; Primary Health Care; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  15. Param Palam S
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:94-99.
    MeSH terms: Family Practice; Medical Records; Medical Records, Problem-Oriented
  16. Param Palam S
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:32-35.
    MeSH terms: Delivery of Health Care; Developing Countries; Primary Health Care
  17. Ong HC
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:25-28.
    MeSH terms: Humans; Hyperthyroidism; Pregnancy; Thyrotoxicosis
  18. Naqvi SH
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:31-31.
    MeSH terms: Developing Countries; Primary Health Care
  19. Md Din A
    Family Practitioner, 1977;2:5-6.
    MeSH terms: Primary Health Care
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