• 1 K Siva Achanna, FRCOG. Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Lot 2762-2763, Bormil Commercial Estate, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching, Sawarak
  • 2 C S Goh, MBBS. Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Maternity Hospital, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur
Med. J. Malaysia, 2003 Mar;58(1):128-30.
PMID: 14556339


A case of spontaneous rupture of uterine artery in the second trimester of pregnancy is described. Haemorrhage from rupture of uterine artery during pregnancy was discovered at laparotomy. This was an unusual but serious complication of pregnancy. This condition is extremely rare and one must consider it in cases of incomprehensible abdominal pain with or without haemodynamic collapse. A review of the literature revealed only four similar cases so far. This pregnancy continued till 37 weeks pregnancy and had a spontaneous vaginal delivery. Immediate institution of effective resuscitative measures and early surgical intervention were essential to both foetal and maternal survival.

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