PMID: 6740384


Laboratory experiments were carried out to study the susceptibility of snail vectors to Oriental anthropophilic Schistosoma. Oncomelania hupensis hupensis was readily infected with the local strain of Schistosoma japonicum (Chinese strain), and also infected with S. japonicum (Philippines strain). O.h. quadrasi was only susceptible to its S. japonicum (Philippines strain). The Oncomelania races were refractory to S. mekongi, S. japonicum-like species (Malaysian strain). Tricula aperta (beta race) was readily infected with S. mekongi, S. sinensium and S. japonicum-like species from Malaysia, but not S. japonicum. T. bollingi was susceptible to S. sinensium and S. mekongi. Robertsiella kaporensis was only susceptible to the local strain, S. japonicum-like species from Malaysia. Geographical isolation may be the cause of these differences in compatibility between the snail vectors and the schistosome parasites.

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