• 1 Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia


Flood warning is designed to protect community from loss of life and their important goods. The objective of
this research is to design the flood warning system using mobile application that able to give warning and sign to
the mapping. With mobile application concept we can deliver warning faster which is to community smart phone
that nowadays majority of them used it. Department of Irrigation and Drainage have built the system that able to
detect the rising of water and have delivered the data to the department. The mobile application will get the data
directly from server Department of Irrigation and Drainage and distribute to all community. Not just give warning
but also able to give sign to the mapping such as GPS and Waze. Red color is danger, Yellow color will consider as
warning and green will consider as alert. It is expected that better warning process to community in Malaysia’s in
order to promote protection through legislation. The development of mobile application will fulfill the needs of the
public, representative of employee, or governmental official to protect community during flooding. Moreover, with
this mobile application that cheaper cost and easy to use to the community, it will help government to reduce the cost
while flooding. With the ability able to give early warning, give information and educated people, it will make people
more alert and get enough information of flooding.