• 1 a Separation Science and Technology Group (SepSTec), Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia , Johor , Malaysia
Crit Rev Anal Chem, 2015;45(3):270-87.
PMID: 25849825 DOI: 10.1080/10408347.2014.938148


Recently, a simple, rapid, high-efficiency, selective, and sensitive method for isolation, preconcentration, and enrichment of analytes has been developed. This new method of sample handling is based on ferum oxides as magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and has been used for magnetic solid-phase extraction (MSPE) of various analytes from various matrices. This review focuses on the applications of modified ferum oxides, especially modified Fe3O4 MNPs, as MSPE adsorbent for pesticide isolation from various matrices. Further perspectives on MSPE based on modified Fe3O4 for inorganic metal ions, organic compounds, and biological species from water samples are also presented. Ferum(III) oxide MNPs (Fe2O3) are also highlighted.

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