• 1 Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka


The main objective of this research is to compare the seating pressure during the driving session between two
different types of national cars. The objective of this research is to conduct object pressure distribution study on
two different types of car seat using CONFORMat (model 5330) with system model CER2, compare and analyse the
results based on object pressure between both car seat. Twelve respondents participated a driving session with
TekscanCONFORMat (model 5330) setup using the same route for both national car. We select two types of national
cars equipped with automatic transmission for this research. The seat pressure on the subject along the journey is
recorded using TekscanCONFORMat Research 7.60 software. Later, comparison made with respect to the seat
pressure experiencedby twelve respondents. The results shows different values of backand seat pressure recorded
among the twelve subjects. Lastly, the results are analysedand discussed at the end of this paper. Model B seat
design has better ability to distribute evenly the pressure to both seat and back. However, results for Model A
showed the pressure is more concentrated on the seat area.