• 1 Dr Chua Wan Tiong, MBBS (Rajasthan), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (G), FCGP (M), MRCGP (UK), Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (M). General Practitioner, Ayer Tawar, Perak, Malaysia
Family Practitioner, 1987;10(2):36-41.


Night calls at the doctor's residence are part of the family physician's service to the community. not all night calls are emergencies. Many of the cases can be managed at home if they keep simple remedies at home or they are properly instructed by the doctor. But because some of the calls are medical, surgical or gynaecolofical emergencies, the doctor must respond to all night calls. Some common illnesses necessitating night calls are identified and a list of drugs either to be stocked in the house clinic or in the doctor's emergency bad are identified. Reduction in night calls can be achieved by educating our patients regarding self-management of minor illnesses, use of hospital emergency services, setting up of group practices, a private hospital with emergency service or a community night clinic.