• 1 Universiti Putra Malaysia


Palm oil (PO) and fully hydrogenated palm oil (FHPO) were subjected to enzymatic
interesterification using 9.5% of TLIM Lipozyme. The optimum condition for this process
occurred at 62.75°C, with reaction time 172.50 minutes with the ratio of 1:1 for palm oil to
hydrogenated palm oil respectively. The Palmitoyl-Oleoyl-Stereoyl (POS) yield obtained
was approximately 15%. Product was subsequently subjected to a fractionation process
at various cooling temperatures and reaction time. At 34°C, POS achieved was at the
highest level which was approximately 31% after 12 hours cooling process. The study of
physiochemical properties of the Cocoa butter Equivalent (CBE) fat was determined for the
purpose of characterization identification. The properties identified were solid fat content,
slip melting point (SMP) and iodine value (IV). The IV and SMP values obtained were
44.30 and 29°C respectively. However, CBE produced almost 0% of Solid Fat Content
(SFC) at 30°C. Apart from the high yield of POS, the physicochemical characteristics
showed significant compatibility with that of CB. In addition, the crystal polymorph of
CBE 34 physicochemical characteristics of CBE34 (β′+β) was similar to CBE. Hence, from
this study, CBE 34 is recommended for utilization in the confectionery industry as CBE.