• 1 National University of Malaysia


Many a times, community targeted strategy works in silo and done haphazardly without any long-term planning and impact to the community. This wayward fashion has cost us millions of dollars, lost resources and dimmed motiva-tion. Most of the time, incoherent planning and short-term targets are the motivators. Getting plans into policy is not a task to be taken lightly. Policies that are incoherent, disintegrated with organisational and national plans, will not be taken up as policy papers. Overcoming resistance is another method to ensure smoothness of policy acceptance. This involves enlisting communication with multiple stakeholders and hearing out qualms by community members. Community based insurance is an example. The initial social insurance has been in the agenda for multiple years already. In the past 3 years, this agenda has been sped up by political masterminds and NGOs. The Peka B40 and MySalam have been introduced in the Malaysian healthcare system. It is hoped that these two social health insurance will provide the much needed relief for community in the lower categories.