• 1 a Monash University Malaysia, Jalan Lagoon Selatan , Bandar Sunway , Petaling Jaya , Selangor , Malaysia
PMID: 24617484 DOI: 10.3109/19401736.2014.895996


The complete mitochondrial genome of the conservationally significant Macquarie perch (Macquaria australasica) was obtained from low-coverage shotgun sequencing using the MiSeq sequencer. The M. australasica mitogenome has 16,496 base pairs (55% A + T content) made up of 13 protein-coding genes, 2 ribosomal subunit genes, 22 transfer RNAs, and a 819 bp non-coding AT-rich region. This is the first mitogenome sequence for the genus Macquaria, and the third to be reported for the family Percichthyidae.

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