J Nat Prod, 2004 Dec;67(12):2058-62.
PMID: 15620251


Three new 5,1'-coupled naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids, ancistrobenomine A (1), 6-O-demethylancistrobenomine A (2), and 5'-O-demethylancistrocline (3), have been isolated from the stem bark of a botanically as yet undescribed highland liana Ancistrocladus sp., proposed to be named "A. benomensis" according to the region in Peninsular Malaysia where it has been discovered on the mountain of Gunung Benom. Two of the compounds possess an unprecedented structure with a novel hydroxymethylene group at C-3 of the fully dehydrogenated isoquinoline moiety. The structural elucidation was achieved by chemical, spectroscopic, and chiroptical methods. As typical of the so-called Ancistrocladaceae type, all of the compounds isolated bear an oxygen at C-6. Biological activities of these alkaloids against different protozoic pathogens are described.

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