• 1 Department of Surgery, Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Med J Malaysia, 1998 Dec;53(4):453-6; quiz 457-8.
PMID: 10971996


Solitary thyroid nodules are commonly seen in surgical outpatient clinics. A detailed history and a careful physical examination are essential. In the management of the solitary thyroid nodule, fine needle aspiration cytology has become the cornerstone investigation. Ultrasound cannot differentiate between benign and malignant nodules, however is useful in the follow-up period to identify any further nodular growth. As thyroid malignancy occurs in both hot and cold nodules, radionuclide scans are not useful in the management of solitary thyroid nodules. We have attempted to outline the process of managing the solitary thyroid nodule and discuss the options available.

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